Why This Could Be the Last chance for IT Professionals to apply for an Australian Visa?

Why This Could Be the Last chance for IT Professionals to apply for an Australian Visa?

If you are an IT Professional planning to immigrate to Australia for a long time, you must hurry now, as this could well be your last chance for different reasons. Well, there is no doubt that IT is still the in demand occupation in Australia. However, in view of the consistent shortage of IT workers in the country, the government is focusing on to promote the local talent to occupy the vacant positions for IT professionals, i.e. Software Developers, Testers, Web Designer, Programmers, etc.

Why Australia is top choice for IT immigrants?

Australia along with USA is a sure magnet for IT workers, i.e. Software Developers, Web Designers, Software Engineers, etc. However, in view of long H1B route and strict US policies for Green card visa, several IT professionals across the globe, choose to immigrate to Australia, which has the similar settings, in terms of world class cities, high wages, tremendous infrastructure, and high standard of living.

Moreover, Australias PR Visa rules are much more flexible and lenient compared to USA. There was a total increase of 2.9% in the salary of IT workers across various Australian industries last year.

Why this is the high time for IT workers to apply & secure the Australian Visa?

As per the recent survey, the migrant IT workers are filling the digital vacancies 10 times more compared to national workforce. It clearly reflects the rising impact of foreign IT professionals on Australias industries and IT jobs. The ICT industry of Australia is key contributor in its economy, growth, and development. As per a survey, Australia need about 100,000 IT workers in next 6 years; however, the country at now is not producing the enough IT graduates to meet the demand. Hence, the government is planning to equip the national workforce to meet the skill shortage in the ICT industry, instead of depending on the migrants to fill the skill gaps.

Subclass 457 visa- the key Pathway of IT professionals is in check

The federal government in Australia is also planning to keep the subclass 457 visa in check and make some vital changes in it. This visa is the key pathway of IT workers to work in Australia after getting the sponsorship from Australian employers. It is the quite popular Australian visa that allows the foreign skilled workers to work in Australia for up to 4 years.

As per the recent statement from Immigration minister of Australia, they are planning to make the key changes in the visa to ensure that firms in Australia use this visa to address the genuine skill needs only and that no injustice in this regard is done with the local employees. Now, under all these circumstances, the question arises, what you must do as an overseas IT professional?

Apply for Australian visa right now if you are an IT Professional

If you are an IT worker looking to live and work in Australia, this is the high time to apply for Australian visa. In view of various considerations by the federal government in Australia, the immigration may get a hit in coming years, particularly for the IT workers. So, the wise thing to do is, Do Not Leave it for Later, and start your immigration process now to get the visa in Australia at earliest.

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