Why itís the high time for Australia Immigration?

Why itís the high time for Australia Immigration?

A millions of people immigrate to Australia every year to establish their professional, business, or academic career. However, a very few of them succeed in Australia immigration, in view of strict and specific point based system of Australia Immigration. In such a scenario a little support, scheme, right time, or relaxation is required in favor of a common person to make his/her dream of Australian immigration come true.

Why you need to apply for Australia Immigration at the earliest?

This indeed is the perfect time to try for Australia immigration due to various reasons. Lets try to find out the reasons as to why you must not miss this chance of Australia Immigration.

  • The Australian Occupation Ceiling List is out for the year 2015-16

In Australia there are few occupations which are greatly in demand, i.e. IT, Engineers, Accountants, Teachers, and Trades and so on. The Candidates applying for such occupations more; however, the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection, every year, decides a limit (called Occupation Ceiling) for the applications received for such occupations, in order to avoid the dominance of a few occupations in the immigration. This is the reason many deserved candidate could not get selected every year. Hence, as the Occupation Ceiling list is already announced, if you belong to in demand occupations, you really need to apply fast before the quota for your occupation ends.

  • Skill Shortage in Australia: In view of huge skill shortage across various industries, Australia needs the foreign skilled workers in many sectors. Hence, you will have the greater chance of getting an Australian Visa, if you apply right now. So, refer the below link to check the CS0L (Consolidated Skilled Occupation List) of Australia and apply choosing your occupation from the list.
  • Save the Crucial time: Australia immigration is the multifaceted procedure and hence, your application and profile goes through multiple time taking checks and rounds, before it finally gets approved for a Visa. So if you delay your decision of applying this year, you might go on missing another crucial year of your professional career abroad. The time till next opening and the time after that for visa application approval will only increase the critical time of your career. Hence, you must apply as early as possible.
  • Enhance Your Chances with State Sponsorship: Many states in Australia have also announced their Skilled Occupation List (SOL) and the states are accepting the sponsorship application as well at now. You will have greater chances of getting selected for Australian PR visa, if you have applied for State Sponsorship as well. Below are the few benefits of applying for a State Sponsorship:
  • The sponsorship applications get accepted on the first come, first served basis, hence, if you apply early, you will have a greater chance of getting selected.
  • The IELTS score required is much lower in State Sponsorship Applications
  • In case you are not able to make it in the individual immigration category, you still have chance of getting selected through State Sponsorship program.

So, considering all the above points, you must begin the procedure for Australia immigration without any delay. Get in touch with a reliable Immigration Consultancy Service to discuss your Australia immigration plans and visa category today

How to get the key assistance and help to apply for visa in Australia?

Well, if you are planning to immigrate to Australia, you need to go through multifaceted immigration procedures and documentation to apply for an Australian Visa. In case, you miss out on any key aspect or procedural guideline, it could lead to a denial of your candidature, which is the last thing you would want, as the visas needs to be approved within a limited period of time most of the time.

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