Why Canada is Better Immigration Option than the US at now?

Why Canada is Better Immigration Option than the US at now?

If you have been planning for immigration to USA for last few months, it is wise to change your plan and look out for the alternate destinations. Things have changed drastically in the USA in last few months, which may not go well with you as an overseas immigrant.

US Presentational Elections affect on Immigration

The US Presidential elections affected the immigration to US to a great deal in last few months. Donald Trump the newly elected president of the USA had been the most controversial presidential candidate ever. His statements against the immigrants during the election campaign resulted in the chaos and buzz and debate all across the USA.

Though, people were looking to move from America as soon as he was announced as the presidential candidate, and now as he already won the elections the people are badly exploring immigration pathways to immigrate to countries like Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Why Canada at now is better immigration option?

On the night of US Presidential Elections, Canadas immigration website got crashed due to huge number of visitors from the US, who were desperately looking for the pathways to move to Canada. This clearly shows that even the American find Canada as the most appropriate country for them for immigration. It indeed is.

Though, Canadas proximity to the US can also be a key factor, however, having said that no can deny that it is still the most ideal country for the immigrants in view of its developed infrastructure, democratic policies, cultural diversity, quality of life, soft immigration policies and career growth opportunities, etc.

Canada to invite 300,000 immigrants in 2017

The USA has gradually restricted the number of immigrants in the country over the years, whereas, Canada is one of those countries, which are still inviting a huge number of immigrants and refugees. As per Canadas Immigration plan 2017, it will invite and welcome about 300,000 new immigrants in the year 2017. These immigrants will be invited under various immigration categories, i.e. skilled immigrants, refugees, family class category, business and investment category, etc. Canada has one of the most organized and the best point based immigration systems in the world. Canada has many immigration programs to allow the skilled migrants in the country, i.e. Express Entry system, Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs), Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP), etc.

Hence, if you are planning for immigration at now, Canada is surely one of the best options to consider looking at the current scenario.

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