Why Canada and Australia accept so many skilled immigrants?

Why Canada and Australia accept so many skilled immigrants?

Australia and Canada are two of the most advanced and wonderful countries of the world. Their cultural diversity often becomes the lesson to the world. Both countries are huge by land area. Canada is 2nd largest, while Australia is the 6th largest country in the world by area. However, their population and birth rate is not in the equal proportion. This is one of the major concerns of both the countries today.

Lets take a look at all such key aspects that make both the countries invite more and more immigrants.

High immigration rate of Canada and Australia

High immigration rate of both the countries is also their necessity. Reducing birth rate and ageing population are two of the major concerns in both Canada and Australia, which have further given rise to other problems, i.e.

Skill Shortage

Both Canada and Australia need the highly skilled and talented workers for their fast growing industries and organizations. The immigrants works help boost the economy through their world class skills, and vast experience in the occupations which need special talent and abilities. Immigrant workers are also the key tax contributors in both the countries. They help the country flourish.

Young Workforce

Australia and Canada dont have the young workforce, which is the demand of most of the organizations. Most of their employees and workers are either retired or approaching towards the age of retirement very fast. Hence, they need young and talented immigrant workers, which can become the useful resource for the growing industries and companies.

Demographic Balance

It is crucial for any nation to have a right demographic balance, i.e. a country must have the kids, women, senior citizens, and young population in the right proportion. However, with low birth rate and fertility in both Australia and Canada, striking the right demographic balance has become difficult. However, the immigrant worker and their families coming from overseas, help the government create the right demographic balance.

Cultural Diversity

Apart from the above, cultural diversity has also become the part of the culture of both Australia and Canada. The government, communities, and people usually dont discriminate the individuals based on their identity, race, religion and language, etc.

Growth and Development

Immigrants play a key role in the growth and development of most advanced countries. USA has been a great example of the same over the years. A vast number of scientists, Engineers, IT professionals, Professors, and CEOs in US have their roots outside America. Immigrants have also played vital role in the development of Canada and Australia. Particularly in Canada, immigrants are at all important positions in government, corporate sector, and society in general.

All the above factors contribute in the high immigration rate of Canada and Australia. This is the reason that a huge number of people migrate to both these countries from different parts of the world, i.e. Asia, Africa, Middle East, and Europe, etc.

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