What Should you do in Stay-At-Home Period if you are an Immigration Applicant?

What Should you do in Stay-At-Home Period if you are an Immigration Applicant?

The governments in various developed and developing countries have ordered a lockdown or issued guidelines for stay-at-home in order to contain the outbreak of COVID-19 Pandemic. Immigration hotspot countries, such as Canada, Australia, etc. have also imposed some travel restrictions due to COVID-19, however, despite the same, these countries have not stopped accepting the new applications or inviting the existing ones to apply for the visa. Canada and Australia, in particular, are consistently holding draws or invitations rounds to invite the applicants. Now, the big-time question is, if you are an aspirant or applicant of immigration to Canada, Australia, etc. countries, how should you spend your stay at home period?

How to Spend Stay-at-home Period?

The citizens of every country are adhering to the guidelines of their respective governments to fight this pandemic and hence, following the mantra of social distancing by staying at home. However, since you cannot go out, what can you do in this period of isolation? One option is to silently wait and let this duration of lockdown pass, without doing anything? However, by doing this, you may lose precious time. So what one should in such a situation? The smart option would be to plan your immigration if you are an overseas visa aspirant or applicant. Planning is the best thing you can do while following the stay home guidelines. Plan your immigration and explore the option In thisstay-at-home period, you can plan your immigration to the desired country and explore the best available pathways or visa categories for you. You can collect as much as information, you can prepare and streamline your documents so that you are ready to submit the same, if you are midway of your application, or apply for a visa as a new applicant, if you have planned for the same in advance.

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Contact the Experts Online

Following the orders and advisories from the government, the offices of the visa consultancy services are temporarily closed. However, the Immigration experts are still available online, on-call or on chat, etc. to address the queries and concerns of the interested applicants and assist them in the process. Hence, if you have any queries, questions, or need advice regarding a particular visa, or need assistance in the immigration process of a particular country, you can get in touch with these Visa experts and consultants online.

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