What Makes Canada the Best Country to get Permanent Residency in 2018?

What Makes Canada the Best Country to get Permanent Residency in 2018?

Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world by area and one among the top advanced nations of 21st century. However, these are not the only qualities that attract the worldwide immigrants to Canada. There is more to know about Canada, which most immigrants know already and hence, they prefer Canada over the other top advanced countries, i.e. USA, UK, etc. What makes Canada special as an Immigration Destination? Well, the consent is the most crucial thing here than anything else. Canada has proved itself as the most welcoming country for immigrants. It has been consistently accepting over 300,000 immigrants for last three years. The liberal government of Canada has relaxed various immigration rules and process requirements to allow more immigrants to get permanent residency in Canada. Here are a few key factors that make Canada just perfect country to get permanent residency in 2018. Canadas Multiyear Immigration Plan (2018-2020)As per the multiyear immigration plan of Canada, the government will invite about one million people in the country as permanent residents in next 3 years, i.e. 2018-2020. In 2018 itself, the IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada) will accept 310,000 immigrants. This rate of immigration will increase further every year.

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Multicultural and Tolerant society Canada has a multicultural society, which is known to be most tolerant by nature. This is an important factor about Canada, especially at a time, when we every day hear the incidents of outrage and atrocities against the immigrants in top advanced countries of the world. Canada is popular as the country of immigrants. Most of Canadas political leaders, business tycoons, social activists, etc. have their roots outside Canada. Hassle free immigration system Canadas Express Entry immigration system is largely popular all over the world. It is the most organized and point-based system that do not discriminate the candidates based on race, religion, ethnicity, etc. the point system evaluates an applicant based on age, education, work experience, language skills, etc. and accordingly allocate them permanent residency. Best country for immigrantsLast but not the least, Canada is known as the best country in the world for immigrants for some key reasons, i.e.

  • Canada is the 1 country in the world for Quality of Life (as per US News and World Report)
  • It is 4thmost accepting country in the world for immigrants (as per new Gallup study)
  • Canada is the 2nd best country in the world for overall parameters (as per US News and World Report)
  • Canada is 7th Happiest Country in the world (as per 2018 happiest country report)
  • 3rd best country for education (as per US News and World Report)
  • 4th best country for Citizenship (as per US News and World Report)
  • 5th best country to raise kids (as per US News and World Report)

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