What is the Future of Canada Immigration in view of Present Immigration Scenario across the World?

What is the Future of Canada Immigration in view of Present Immigration Scenario across the World?

Canada has been the most popular country to apply for permanent residency visa over the years. Express Entry is the most popular online and point based immigration system of Canada that allocates the Permanent Residency (PR) invitations to the applicants, who get selected through its Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). Every year, tens of thousands of people get permanent residency in Canada via federal express entry system. This year, until April, 2017, over 35,000 people have received ITA (Invitation to Apply) for Canadian PR from Immigration Refugees, and Citizenship, Canada (IRCC).

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However, immigration scenario in most of the advanced countries hasnt been positive in the last couple of years. Hence, despite all the positives we see about immigration to Canada, two questions often haunt most of the aspirants of Canadian Permanent residency visa, i.e.

  • What is the future of Canadian express entry system?
  • What will the immigration policy of Canada in coming years?

Lets find the answer to this question in two parts, i.e. future of federal express entry system and Canada immigration policies in coming years. Future of Express entry First of all, the future of express entry is good and strong with the incredible response received from the vast number of applicants across the world. Every year, tens of thousands of Canada PR aspirants register on express entry and subsequently, obtain the permanent residency in Canada. Express entry was launched in January 2015 as the economic immigration program of Canada which selects the suitable skilled workers based on the demand of Canadian labour market. Canada needs foreign skilled workers, in view of skill shortage in the country, which is due to low and ageing population in the country. This situation is likely to continue for at least next couple of years. What will be the stand of Canada on immigration in next two years? The liberal government of Canada will remain in power at least for next two years, which is known to be soft and lenient on immigration. Liberal government is soft on immigration as well as family reunification. So, it will hardly change its stand on immigration and immigrants at least in next two years. However, based on all above positive reasons, Should you wait for next two years, as a Canada PR aspirant? Well, I am afraid the answer is NO. This is mainly due to excellent ongoing run of express entry system coupled with most eased immigration rules ever by the liberal government of Canada. At now the qualifying marks in express entry system are 415 CRS points and the same is expected to further go down in next few draws. However, I doubt this situation will continue for a long time. So, if you are an aspirant of Canadian Permanent Residency (PR) visa, you mustnt stay relaxed and wait for next couple of years, rather prepare your immigration file right now and make the most of ideal immigration conditions in Canada, as they say, Strike the iron when it is hot. How to Take the First Step to Apply for Canada PR? Canada immigration process and guidelines can be too technical for your understanding if you are applying for Canadian visa for the first time. And to most of the ideal conditions, you must not leave any end loose. Hence, straightaway gets in touch with a registered Best Canada immigration consultant in Mumbai to confirm all the process details, choose right immigration program to apply and get complete assistance from certified immigration experts to prepare your immigration and file the visa application later on. Your chances of securing Canadian PR are strongest at now with reduced qualifying marks and eased immigration process requirements. Good luck! Disclaimer: Visas Avenue does not deal in any type of job or job assistance services. Visas Avenue is not ajob recruitment agent or job service provider. Visas Avenue does not offer consultancy on / overseas jobs/work permits/international or domestic placements.