What is the Canada PR Process to Immigrate via Express Entry?

Express Entry is one of the fastest Canada immigration pathway for skilled foreign workers looking to start a new life in Canada. Express Entry system is responsible to manage and process PR visa applications for candidates who want to become a part of Canadian work force by obtaining permanent residence visa. If you are wondering why thousands of people move to Canada every year and what is PR in Canada, then you must read further.

What is PR in Canada?

A Canadian permanent resident is someone who gets permanent resident status by immigrating, but is not a citizen of Canada. Permanent residents are always the citizens of other countries. Also, a person who is living temporarily in Canada, like a foreign worker or student, is not a permanent resident. As a permanent resident in Canada, you:

  • Get most of the social benefits like Canadian citizens, including health care coverage
  • Can live, work and study anywhere in Canada
  • Can apply for Canadian citizenship
  • Get protection under Canadian law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Tips to speed up your Canada PR process Tips to Speed up your Canada PR Process

  • Get detailed profile assessment
  • Always refer documents checklist
  • Inform the IRCC about changes to personal information
  • Submit properly visible photocopies and documents
  • Provide English or French translations
  • Never provide inaccurate or misleading information
  • Never miss a deadline
  • Respond to IRCCs request timely

Canada PR process through Express Entry

Now that we know what is PR in Canada, the next step is to apply for Canada PR. As mentioned, Express Entry is the most popular and fastest program, you may follow a quick step by step Canada PR process: Step 1- Find your eligibilityThe first step is to find out if you qualify for any one of three programs managed by Express Entry, including:

For this, you must read the detailed requirements for each and every program and then you may take a free profile assessment online. During profile evaluation you'll have to answer a few questions related to your profile so that you can find out if you meet the minimum eligibility requirements or not. Step 2- Gather supporting documents The next step is to gather all the documents you need, like, an approved language test result, identity proof, etc. All this is required initially to prove that you qualify to enter the Express Entry pool. A few documents make take longer to get, thus, it is advisable to get them ahead of time. Initially, you need the following documents for creating your profile during your Canada PR process:

  • Valid passport or travel document
  • Valid language test results
  • Education credential assessment report for education gained outside of Canada (If applying via Federal Skilled Workers program or want to gain points for the education gained outside of Canada)
  • Provincial nomination (not mandatory, only if you have)
  • A job offer from a Canadian employer (not mandatory, only if you have)

If you successfully enter the pool of candidates and make your way among highest ranking candidates, you will get an invitation to apply for Canada PR. In this case, you have to submit your final application along with following documents:

  • Police certificates
  • Medical exams
  • Proof of funds

Step 3- Submit your Express Entry profile The next step during your Canada PR process is to create and submit your profile and provide information about yourself to the IRCC (Immigration, Refugee, Citizenship Canada). If you are eligible, the IRCC will accept you into the pool of candidates. Inside the pool, your profile will be assessed and awarded with a score on the basis of different factors like, Age, Education level, Work Experience, Language proficiency, etc. On the basis of your assessment, you will be ranked in the pool using a competent points-based system, i.e. CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System). The points under CRS includes:

Core (Maximum 600 points) Additional (Maximum 600 points)
Skills and experience factors Canadian degrees, diplomas or certificates
Spouse or common-law partner factors, such as their language skills and education a valid job offer
Skills transferability, including education and work experience a nomination from a province or territory
  a brother or sister living in Canada who is a citizen or permanent resident
  strong French language skills
Your Core points + Additional points = your total score out of 1200

Please note, completing an Express Entry profile and entering the pool does not guarantee you an invitation to apply for Canadian permanent residence. Step 4: Obtain an ITA (Invitation to Apply) for permanent residence If you are among highest ranking candidates in the pool, the IRCC will send you an invitation to apply in upcoming Express Entry draw. If you get an ITA, youll get total 90 days time to submit final application along with required documents and Canada PR fees for permanent residence. Please note, the IRCC generally processes most of the complete applications in 4-6 months time frame.

Documents to submit after receiving an ITA for Canadian PR

Documents to Submit after Receiving an ITA for Canada PR

  • Your passport or other travel document
  • Language test result
  • ECA report (if gained education outside of Canada)
  • Police certificates
  • Medical examination certificate
  • Proof of funds
  • Work Experience proof

Step 5: Submit supporting documents upon receiving an ITAYou must fill out the forms online as soon as possible by gathering required information and documents before your ITA expires. You need the following documents to be submitted along with your final application after receiving an ITA:

  • Your medical examination certificate

For e-APRs, i.e. electronic applications for permanent residence, yours and your family members' health condition is assessed. You as a principal applicant, your spouse or common-law partner and your dependent children must submit the medical examination certificates.

  • Police clearance Certificates

A PCC is required to ensure that you and your family members have a clean criminal record and don't pose any kind of security risk to Canada.

  • Passport Copy or a Bio Data Page of any Travel Document

In order to confirm your identity, this document is of supreme importance.

  • Work Experience proof

You get a personalized document checklist in your account. You have to submit the below listed documentsfor each of your checklist work experience:

  • An experience or reference letter from your past and present employer that must be printed on company's letterhead
  • For Canadian work experience (if any), you must submit T4 tax slips, NOA (Notices of Assessment) copies that are issued by the Canada Revenue Agency
  • If case of self-employment, you must submit incorporation articles or business ownership proof, self-employment income proof and letters from third-party individuals

Step 6: Submit enough proof of settlement funds You must ensure that you meet nation's Low Income Cut Off criteria and can financially support yourself and your family members when living there. As a primary applicant, you must submit valid written proof of funds if you have applied under Federal Skilled Worker Program or Federal Skilled Trades Program. For proof, you need official letters from your bank or a financial institution where you keep the money. Step 7: Submit your final PR application to the IRCC You must send your complete and final PR application to the IRCC with the required documents. If your application gets approved, you'll get Canada PR authorization. Tips to Avoid Application Refusal or Delay for your Canada PR processIn order to avoid unnecessary delay in application processing time, you must:

  • Read the application guide carefully and properly follow the instructions given
  • Properly fill, sign and date all the application forms
  • Provide biometrics (if required) within 30 days of receiving an IRCC's request
  • Include the supporting documents as per the application checklist
  • Pay the correct fee on time as per the correct payment mode
  • Include the payment along with your application
  • Always provide accurate, authentic and complete information and documents
  • Double-check the application and documents before final submission

To discover your options to apply for Canada PR visa through Express Entry, take a free profile evaluation, today!