What does PR visa to a country mean? What are the key benefits it offers to an overseas immigrant?

What does PR visa to a country mean? What are the key benefits it offers to an overseas immigrant?

You must have heard about applying for a PR visa in a particular country. Every year, tens of thousands of individuals and families apply for a PR visa in different countries. Lots of people often confuse PR visa with the citizenship in a particular country, which is absolutely incorrect thing to consider. If not so, then what is a PR visa that people often apply for? And what exactly are the key things or benefits it brings to you as an applicant?

What is PR (Permanent Residency) Visa?

The Permanent Residency (PR) Visa is a visa permission that allows you and your family (if accompanying) to live and work in a country on a permanent basis. Usually, the permanent residency status in any country allocates you several benefits similar to a citizen of that country. Though, the benefits of Permanent Residency Status are different in all the countries, however, most of the benefits remain common. Lets take a look of the key benefits of a PR visa.

What are the key benefits of permanent residency status you get as an immigrant?

As already mentioned, the PR status benefits vary based on the country you are moving to, however there are a few benefits or rights that remain the same, i.e.

  • Right to PR: It allows you and your family to live, work and stud anywhere in the country on a permanent basis as a permanent resident
  • Apply for Citizenship: It allows you to apply for citizenship after few initial years (vary based on country).
  • Automatic citizenship to children: In few countries (i.e. Australia), your child born in the new country automatically gets the citizenship of that country, if one of the parent has PR status.
  • Sponsor relatives: The PR Status also makes you eligible to sponsor eligible relatives to the new country
  • Access to Social Security Benefits: You get access to various social security benefits, i.e. free or subsidized healthcare, education, etc.
  • Protection under law: You get the protection and security under the law and legal system the country for which you have obtained PR status.

The PR status in few countries has its limitations as well. For instance, you cannot vote or run a political office as a permanent resident. Also, you cannot apply for a job that needs high level of security clearance.

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