What are your chances of receiving ITA with a CRS score ranging between 450-500?

What are your chances of receiving ITA with a CRS score ranging between 450-500?

Did not receive an ITA (Invitation to Apply) this year despite having a decent CRS Point Score? Well, it is not your case only, as there are several Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) category Express Entry candidates waiting for their ITA this year. The Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has only conducted the program-specific draws this year. As a result the candidates with CRS scoreranging between 450 and 500 are still not sure when will they get the ITA (Invitation to Apply) for Canadian Permanent Residency (PR) from IRCC.

Can you get ITA in next few draws?

As per the Express Entry pool status on April 12, 2021 the number of candidates in the pool with the CRS score ranging between 451-500 is nearly 30,040. Hence, considering this huge number, it is likely that the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will not delay the all-program draw for long and invite the candidates under Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) category as well. Having said the same, what will happen in the next draw, only IRCC can know.However, what will be the CRS score requirement; can be a point of discussion. Also read- How to apply in Canada Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)?

Increasing your CRS point score can help

If you do not want to play a waiting game, you can aggressively try to obtain a Canadian Permanent Residency (PR), by applying to a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). Most Canadian provinces has a PNP, through which they can invite, assess and nominate the foreign skilled workers for Canadian PR visa. The Express Entry aligned stream of a PNP can help you obtain the provincial nomination and subsequently the 600 Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points in your Express Entry account. This huge surge of points enables you to get Canadian PR invitation from Canadian government or IRCC. Some popular Canadian PNPs are, OINP, SINP, AINP, MPNP, PEI PNP, etc. Every PNP has a different process and requirements however, if you are applying to an EE aligned stream, you need to have profile registered in Express Entry. To assess your profile apply in the most relevant PNP accordingly, you may contact Visas Avenue- the leading and trusted Immigration Advisory Service for Canada immigration. You may call VA Canada immigration expert on Toll-Free No. 78-18-000-777 or you can drop us an e-mail at