What are the Key occupations to apply for Immigrating to Canada?

What are the Key occupations to apply for Immigrating to Canada?

If you are planning to move to Canada, you must be concerned thinking whether you will find the suitable job in Canada or not. There are occupations in every country which are highly in demand and thus, its easier to find job in those occupations. And Canada is no exception to this trend or belief. It also has set of occupations which are well in demand in the country and hence, people who apply in these occupations will have greater chance of securing the Canadian visa.

However, talking about working in Canada as skilled workers, your occupation also needs to be in the NOC of Canada.

What is NOC list of Canada?

The National Occupational Classification list is the list of skilled occupation in Canada. Though, some applicants mistake it with the high demand occupation list of Canada, which is not true. However, to apply for the permanent residency in Canada through FSW (Federal Skilled Worker) category of express entry, QSWP or Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), your occupation must be in the NOC list of Canada.

If your occupation is found in the NOC list that means it is a skilled occupation and hence, you can apply for Canadian visa based on your skilled occupation.

What are the in demand occupation in Canada?

At now, the in demand occupations in Canada are, Engineering, Technology, Finance and Accounts, manufacturing, human resources, Sales and marketing, healthcare, construction, skilled trades, etc. Applying in any of the above occupation can certainly enhance your chances of securing ITA. Though, your selection depends on the various factors, i.e. your qualification, skills, work experience, language proficiency, and current availability of positions, etc.

You may also refer to the in demand occupation list of below provinces, i.e.

To apply in the federal skilled worker program or the relevant provincial nominee program, you need to understand its process first and accordingly apply in the program with thorough accuracy and efficiency. You may choose to apply through a reliable immigration consultancy service, if you are not much aware about the Canadian Immigration process.

How to get key Assistance to apply for in demand occupations in Canada?

Express Entry is the most popular immigration program in Canada to apply in the federal skilled worker category of immigration to Canada. Express Entry is based on the EOI (Expression of Interest) system, wherein your profile is reviewed and selected based on your key profile factors, i.e. Age, work experience, language ability, qualification, etc. The Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) and Provincial Nominee Program (PNPs) are other programs that offer the permanent residency to the selected candidates.

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