What are the background check requirements for Canada PR?

What are the background check requirements for Canada PR?
Moving to a new country can be challenging. However, to meet this challenge and make things hassle-free, you need to do some homework and preparations well in advance. You require understanding the immigration process and meet the eligibility criteria of a particular country where you are planning to immigrate. For instance, if you are thinking to move to Canadaas a permanent resident, then you have to go through different stages among which background check holds great importance. The Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) verify every application to ensure admissibility of applicants to Canada as well as educational and professional history. A thorough background check is important and is done by varied Canadian government agencies to help the authorities ensure authenticity of all the information and documents provided by the applicants. To help you better understand the requirements, we have listed down the points:
  • Criminal background check- When you apply for Canadian PR visa, you and your family members are required to get a police clearance certificate from your home country. The police certificate is a must to ensure that you dont have any criminal background to prove your admissibility to Canada. The requirement, process, and fee is different based on country and territory, but is often known as police clearance certificate, judicial record extract, good conduct certificates, etc.
  • Medical Examination- Going through a medical examination is also important for you and your family members to ensure your admissible to Canada. You must select a physician who is listed on the physicians' panel of Canada.
  • Document Verification (Work Experience)- The IRCC asks you to submit reference letters for your previous and current employment. Upon submitting supporting documents, the IRCC will contact the previous organization, personal references, co-workers, etc. as a part of background check.
  • Document Verification (Educational Qualifications)- Your basic information like education history is also subject to proper background check. For degree, diploma, or certificate you obtained outside of Canada, you must submit an ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) report to prove that it is valid and equivalent to the Canadian standards.
  • Proof of Funds- The IRCC also asks you to provide sufficient proof of funds as a specific amount of funds is required to support yourself and your family when you move to Canada. Family members include your spouse or common-law partner, dependent children and dependent children of your spouse or partner (if any).
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