Tourism Industry in Australia is flourishing Regional Areas Attracting More Visitors

Tourism Industry in Australia is flourishing  Regional Areas Attracting More Visitors

As per the latest reports, Australian tourism sector is on a boom with the significant growth in the spending ($5.6 billion) from the domestic and overseas visitors in the country in last one year. Australia has always been a prime tourist destination in the world. And in last couple of years, the Australian government has invested significant amount of money in the tourism sector to grow it further. Regional Australia attracting more touristsThe tourists in Australia preferring to take the adventurous ways, as instead of stay in big hotels in the big cities, the camping, etc. in the regional territories of Northern and Western Australia (WA) has become increasingly popular in last few years. Rented accommodations are also getting increased share of tourists and visitors to Australia. The spending by the foreign visitors in Australia has surpassed record $100 billion.

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However, not just the big cities getting the benefit from this huge spend, however, as per the statistics, over 45 percent of this spend is in the regional parts of the Oz. China and Japan are two of the top countries from which tourists come to Australia. Northern Territories have been Stand Out in Tourism growth Tourism Australia hasnt been marketing for the states and regional parts of the country for last four years, as it had been busy in overseas marketing only. Hence, the accountability of internal tourism marketing was more on the status and territories of the country only. And in this time frame, the states, and territories of the Oz did tremendous growth in the tourism sector, with Northern Territory being on top of the list of states. Northern Territories of Australia have been the most desired region to visit among the visitors. The Northern region recorded about 80 percent growth in the visitor spending in last three years along with 69 percent rise in the total number of visitors in the region. More Professional Opportunities are being created with a Boom in Mighty Australian Industry Australian tourism industry is huge and with the increased spending by the visitors and tourists in last few years, more and more Professional Opportunities are being created in the tourism sector. Its a $120 billion sector that employs tens of thousands of people in the country. Among other states, Western Australia has also been significant in terms of rise in spending (41 percent) as well as the number of visitors 47 percent). Though, Queensland hasnt seen much of growth as it recorded 9 percent increase in spending along with 18 percent growth in the number of tourists visiting in the state. Tasmania and Victoria were also significant states which recorded the growth in both spending and number of visitors in mid-twenties. Looking to Move to Australia onPermanent Visa? If you have plans to moveon Permanent Residency Visa, you may get in touch with a trusted andregistered Australian visa and immigration consultantto get complete assistance in the immigration process of the Oz. Disclaimer:We are not a job recruitment agent and job service provider, we do not deal in any kind of working visa this page is only available for information purpose. We are a solely an Immigration Advisory Service that advice and assist applicants on PR and Tourist Visa process.