Top Canada PR Benefits that You Should Know

Top Canada PR Benefits that You Should Know

Canada's immigration level plan for 2022 showcases a huge demand for foreign skilled workers in every sector and industry in Canada. Therefore, choosing to immigrate to Canada in 2022 as a permanent resident holds a lot of advantages to you. Key advantages of becoming a Canada PR holder Following are the key benefits of obtaining a Canadian Permanent Residency:

  • You get a right to live, work or study anywhere in Canada
  • You get five years multiple entry permanent residency visas
  • You can move to Canada with your spouse and dependent children by adding them to your application
  • Your Spouse or common-law partner can also look for good full-time work options
  • Your children under 18 years of age will get access to free education at public schools
  • You and your family can access universal healthcare
  • You can also avail unemployment benefits
  • You can sponsor your parent, grandparents, and certain relatives to apply for Canada PR

Top three Canada PR benefits you get along with a Canada PR status

Financial benefits

  • The pay scales across different industries in Canada are lucrative, which means you'll get a better income source to lead a satisfactory standard of living.
  • Another aspect is tax rebates, which you can avail through the Canada revenue agency. This agency is responsible for regulating the taxes in Canada.
  • You can also avail of worker's compensation in case of any illness or industrial accidents. This compensation can help you significantly in supporting your family.
  • You get an excellent taxable income for working in Canada, which helps you excel towards a term called "financial freedom". The immense career opportunities and prospects will help you grow professionally.
  • Being a developed nation, Canada invites skilled immigrants to further support its economy in several booming industries and sectors, like, IT, aerospace, automobiles, hospitality.
  • You can also start your own business in Canada and enjoy benefits like NAFTA, a Trade Agreement between North American countries.

Social Security Canada PR Benefits

  • With a permanent residency in Canada, you will get extended support from the government as a newcomer in preparing for life and work in Canada through immigrant service organizations.
  • Friendly and experienced settlement professionals help new immigrants find a job, register for language coaching, find a place to live, enroll kids in school, connect with people in your community and more.
  • A wide range of social security agreements helps protect your rights as an immigrant. Canada's support system is always there in difficult times. Government considers immigrants as a national asset and provide the best support services.
  • A permanent resident is also eligible for pension benefits. It helps them secure their retired life to be self-sufficient to manage their and their family members' expenses even after retirement.

Better Family Life

  • Once you immigrate to Canada as a PR holder, your kids get access to free education in public schools just like a Canadian. This ensures a better future for your kids.
  • You can avail Canada's child benefit in terms of subsidized university education, which is offered to all the children of permanent residents of Canada.
  • You can also sponsor your parents and grandparents to move to Canada and live with you as PR holders under Canada's family sponsorship program.
  • Canada also offers all the permanent residents a world-class health care facility. So, if your immediate family members have also migrated with you, then they can also avail Canada's state-of-the-art healthcare facilities and services.
  • As a PR holder, if your child is born in Canada, they will automatically become Canadian citizens by birth.

To avail the benefits and much more, you may apply for Canada PR visa in 2022 following the proper rules, regulations and protocol. To discover your eligibility for Canada PR, take a free profile assessment online. Or, talk to our immigration advisor on Toll-Free No. 78-18-000-777.