Top 5 Immigration Consultants in Bangalore- Visas Avenue

Top 5 Immigration Consultants in Bangalore- Visas Avenue

Selection of good immigration consultant follows the process of buying a product more or less. When you have to purchase a new product, you make a list of leading products and compare their advantages and limitations in detail, to choose the best one for yourself. In the city of Bangalore, there are agents and agencies active, which mislead you to grab money. Well, the selection of a trusted and genuine immigration consultant hardly differs from the process involved in buying a product. For instance, you first make a list of leading consultants, compare their services and features and subsequently, select the best one to get the vital guidance and assistance in the overseas immigration process. Here are few key tips to choose the best consultant to apply for visa abroad.

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Key parameters to choose best Visa consultants in Bangalore There are various fake agents and agencies active in Bangalore city, hence, you must wisely check each aspect before choosing the best Immigration Consultant in Bangalore. Here are the key parameters to choose the best visa consultant:

  • Select an Accredited Consultant- An immigration or visa consultant must be accredited from an immigration regulator body of the country you are moving to, i.e. ICCRC (Canada), MARA (Australia), etc. Make certain the consultant you are planning to hire is accredited.
  • Trace the track record: Its important to take a good look at the track record or success rate of the consultancy you are planning to hire. Apart from being genuine and registered, it also needs to be efficient enough to help an applicant obtain the approval of visa.
  • Team and office: Your consultancy service must have the team of qualified immigration experts and professionals along with proper client service team to handle the client queries.
  • Reasonable Charges: It must have reasonable charges. Confirm all the charges in advance, with regards to visa fees, documentation fees, etc. and cross check the same with other sources. Also the consultancy charges must be reasonable and not too high to bear.
  • Transparency: the process and pathways explained to you must not be complicated or tricky. It should be simple to understand and include the transparent process keeping you n loop of everything.

What makes Visas Avenue top Visa consultant in Bangalore. Visas Avenue Immigration consultancy office at MG Road, Bangalore is one of the most reputedConsultancy agencies in the city. It ranks quite high based on all the above parameters. Consistently increasing client base of Visas Avenue over the years proves its efficiency as the top 5 Visa Consultant in Bangalore for Canada PR. Visas Avenue specializes in Canada and Australia immigration and PR process and it is evident looking at their success rate for acquiring visa approvals for these two countries for their clients. Hence, If you wish to get in touch with certified Immigration experts at Visas Avenue team, you may contact at the below address: Visas Avenue Pvt. Ltd. 1108 East Wing Raheja Towers, MG Road, FM Cariappa Colony, Shivaji Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001, India Contact no. - 080-46668222. Alternatively, you can e-mail your queries to Visas Avenue e-mail