Top 3 Ways to Increase Your CRS Score in Express Entry System

Top 3 Ways to Increase Your CRS Score in Express Entry System

Not getting ITA (Invitation to apply) in Federal Express entry system since long? Well, you would obviously be wanting a bit higher CRS Point score to be able to get selected by IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada) for Canadian permanent residency invitation. But how to increase the CRS score, when organic profile score is hovering much below the required mark? So what to do? Canadas point system is based on six selection factors. Well, you can explore the scope and possibilities of enhancing your point score based on six selection factors,i.e. language skills, education, work experience, etc. apart from this, some other factors, i.e. PNP nomination, employment offer, etc. can also increase your total point score in federal EE system. Here are the 3 best ways to increase your Express Entry point score significantly.

  1. Apply in a PNP to Get Provincial nomination

You can apply in a provincial nominee program of Canada and obtain the provincial nomination for permanent residency in Canada from a particular Canadian province. The federal government of Canada allocate a nomination quota to every province, based on the same, a province can nominate the skilled and talented people from overseas for Canadian PR. Almost every Canadian province has a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) through which, it invites, select and subsequently, nominate the suitable applicants for the Canada PR. The provinces also have access to express entry pool, which they use to notify the applicant and invite them to apply in the express entry aligned stream of their PNP. If you apply in the express stream and able to get the nomination from a province, you will also get the 600 additional points in the express entry system. Also, read- What is the Pathway to Get Canada PR with CRS Score 300-350?

  1. Language proficiency

Well, you must be wondering what this point is about when you have already obtained the good IELTS test score for English proficiency? However, if your current IELTS Point Score is not able to get you the invitation to apply for Canadian PR, you need something more to enhance your points for this key selection factor. You can work upon 3 things to earn additional points for language factor.

  • Better or enhance your own IELTS band score to earn more immigration points
  • Provide details of your spouses IELTS score (to get extra points)
  • Learn the French language, as proficiency in the French language also helps you get bonus points in an express entry.
  1. Employment offer

Although, its not compulsory, however, if you are able to obtain an employment offer from Canada, you can get 200 additional CRS points based on the same. Needless, to mention that such a massive addition of points will increase your CRS score drastically, ensuring that you get the Canada PR invitation in your name from mighty IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada).

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