Top 3 ideal Countries in the world for Immigrants

Top 3 ideal Countries in the world for Immigrants
Which are the Friendliest Countries in the world for New Immigrants? How one can apply for visa in these countries?
Have plans to immigrate to an overseas country? Do you know which the Friendliest Countries are for new immigrants in the world? No idea? Well, this post is just to make you aware of the friendliest countries for immigrants in the world and the process to immigrate to these countries. Lets start with the list of 3 most ideal countries in the worlds for immigrants. Click the Free Assessment form here for inclusive World Immigration Process Assistance


Well, Canada easily tops the list when it comes to immigrant friendly countries in the world. Canada has got the most liberal policies for immigrants and refugees. It is evident from the huge immigration to Canada every year. Moreover, the recent legal influx of 25,000 Syrian refugees in Canada is a live example of Canadas friendliness and liking for immigrants from all parts of the world. Canada provides all the rights, facilities, social security benefits, and open environment to immigrants to live and work peacefully.
  • How to apply for visa
The express entry system is the easiest way to move to Canada if you are a skilled migrant. It is a point based system wherein you need to submit EOI (Expression of Interest) mentioning key details. It gives your profile the points based on your age, education, experience, etc. factors and selects the profiles with high point score, every fortnight through a draw. Check your point score for express entry here


Australia is another incredible country for immigrants. Australia is culturally diverse and accepts the skilled and talented immigrants from all parts of the world. If offers high income jobs, high living standard and plenty of job opportunities and quality of life to the immigrants. Australia invites thousands of foreign skilled workers every year in view of skilled shortage in the country. The huge annual immigration figures and cultural diversity of Australia are the clear evidences of Australias liking for overseas immigrants.
  • How to apply for visa
Australia also has got point based immigration system more like Canada. It has designed few key skilled visas for which you can apply online, i.e. subclass 189, 190, 489, etc. Once you apply online, your selection depends on the points you score based on your age, work experience, language proficiency, etc. factors. Check your points for Australia immigration here

New Zealand

New Zealand is the most beautiful, peaceful and clean country to live and work. Recently it has shown its inclination towards immigrants, especially, skilled migrants and international students in view of skill shortage and low population in the country. The New Zealand has registered record number of immigrants in the country in last one year, which clearly indicates its friendliness for immigrants. New Zealand also attracts immigrants in view of its decent economy, world class cities, safe, secure, and peaceful environment, less crime, fantastic infrastructure and quality of life etc. features.
  • How to Apply for Visa
New Zealand too has a point based system to invite the skilled workers in the country. You can apply for various NZ visa categories, i.e. work to residence, residence from work, etc. to live and work in New Zealand on temporary or permanent basis as per your selected visa. Find the NZ immigration and Visa categories here

How to get vital assistance for immigration to all the above countries?

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