Top 10 Canadian Cities for a New Immigrant in 2022

Top 10 Canadian Cities for a New Immigrant in 2022

All the Canadian cities always compete to attract more and more newcomers. Due to low birth rates and an aging population, cities across Canada require more immigrants to support their economies. At a broader prospect, last year, Canada welcomed over 405,330newcomers. The country has a more ambitious target to welcome 431,645 permanent residents in 2022under different programs to help Canada tackle its labour shortages. With so much to offer, each Canadian city is unique! But, a person who plans for immigration always wants to clarify which Canadian city would be ideal for a new immigrant like them. To help you in a quest for an ideal Canadian city, we came up with a list of the top 10 best Canadian cities for newcomers.

Here are top 10 best Canadian Cities for Newcomers:

  1. Charlottetown- Located in the smallest Canadian province, Charlottetown is a lively coastal city surrounded by beautiful beaches. However, if we talk about the per-capita basis, the city tops the chart by welcoming 2.4% of its population in immigrants. The reason behind huge numbers is that Prince Edward Island's successfully attract large numbers of immigrants through economic class programs, i.e. PNP and AIP.

The city is home to the manufacturing industry, a biotechnology cluster, financial services sector, and tourism.

  1. Regina- Next on the list is Regina, with a share of newcomers of nearly 2.4% of cities total population. The city's overall lifestyle and affordable living make it one of Canada's top 10 cities.

In recent years, many investments flowed in different sectors in the city, which boosted the overall economy and created a large number of jobs. In addition, Regina became an attractive destination for immigrants who helped the city meet its labour market shortages in recent times.

  1. Toronto- Toronto welcomes most immigrants among other Canadian cities by a large margin. Called Canada's financial centre, Toronto has a diverse and highly multicultural population.
  1. Saskatoon- Saskatoon welcomed approximately 1.8% of its population. The number of economic class immigrants was pretty high last year. People in Saskatoon enjoy an affordable cost of living, and the city's steady population growth largely contributes towards its growing job market.
  1. Vancouver- Vancouver is a famous city among immigrants and tourists and is, in fact, one of the most livable cities in Canada. It is, in fact, among the most diverse cities in Canada and has a large immigrant community to help newcomers settle down quickly.
  1. Montreal- Nestled on the beautiful Saint Lawrence River banks, Montral is the largest city in Qubec. The city is often referred to as Canada's cultural capital for its olden French style architecture, art galleries, and museums. And unlike Toronto and Vancouver, Montreal is among the top cost-effective Canadian cities.
  1. Fredericton- The city located in New Brunswick is known as a cultural haven. Living in this capital city of New Brunswick is highly cost-effective for those who wish to migrate and settle down with a family. The city has affordable housing prices compared to other Canadian cities and growing industries like forestry, fishing, mining, oil and gas.
  1. Halifax- Halifax has significantly grown over recent years and became Canada's 5th largest tech industrial city. The city is also home to strong finance industry, and many banking names have their headquarters in Halifax. The city is also ranked among the top 10 friendliest business cities in North America.
  1. Moncton- Over the years, Moncton has successfully gained approximately a 10% rise in its overall employment growth, leaving its unemployment rate at nearly 5.5% only. In addition, the people there are friendly and welcoming, and the cost of living is highly affordable.
  1. Ottawa-Gatineau- The immigration levels in Ottawa-Gatineau have increased significantly in the past few years. The city now admits more immigrants under the economic class, and many international students transition to permanent residency via OINP and Express Entry.

If you are willing to move to any Canadian city, you have more than 100 economic class immigration streams to choose from, including Express Entry, PNP, AIP and more. To find the best option for you, take a free profile assessment and get the proper guidance from our team of visa and immigration consultants at Visas Avenue.