What are the Opportunities Available in Australia as Subclass 189 Visa Holder?

What are the Opportunities Available in Australia as Subclass 189 Visa Holder?
Planning to get PR in Australia through Skilled Independent Subclass 189 Visa? Well, there are various aspects linked to this visa, which you must understand and interpret, before you apply for this visa, i.e. benefits, processing time, and opportunities you can consider under this visa, etc. However, it goes without saying that it is one of the most popular and applied for Skilled PR visa in Australia. Lets know more about Subclass 189 visa. Skilled Independent Subclass Visa 189 As just discussed, it is one of the most popular visas in Australia. It is a permanent visa that allows you to live, work and study, anywhere in Australia on a permanent basis. This visa has the easiest application process, as it doesnt require the nomination or sponsorship from the state, territory, or employer in Australia. Processing time for this Visa The official immigration website of Australia claims that this visa has the processing time of 3 months, however, the processing time of any visa depends on various factors, i.e. correctness or submitted the visa application, documentation, and verification status, etc. Hence, it may vary from person to person based on the mentioned factors. Though most of the visas get processed in the standard time, however, at times the processing of a visa may take longer based on the factors as mentioned above. What are the opportunities you can consider while on Subclass 189 Visa? Subclass 189 visa is a permanent residency visa, which means, this visa allows you to live and work anywhere under any occupation (except the ones need the high level of security clearance such as defence, etc.) in Australia. Even you can choose to work as a freelancer under subclass 189 Visa. The Skilled Independent Subclass 189 Visa itself describes that there are no work restrictions or conditions on the visa holder. What are the Key Benefits of the visa? This particular visa allows you to:
  • Live and work anywhere in Australia on permanent basis
  • Take up full-time studies in Australia at any grade of learning, i.e. School learning, graduate, postgraduate or vocational education at domestic scholar rates.
  • Receive subsidized healthcare facilities
  • Receive certain social security benefits/ payments.
  • Apply for citizenship in Australia after spending specific time
  • Sponsor an eligible family member for permanent or temporary residency in Australia
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