Why South Australia is going to be one of the best places for Business & Investment?

Why South Australia is going to be one of the best places for Business & Investment?

Australia is a wonderful country for the migrants interested in work, study, business, or visit on a holiday. It offers tremendous opportunities for the immigrants of various interest and goals. However, in Australia itself there are provinces, states, or territories which are suitable for the immigrants of a variety of interest. For instance South Australia is an exceptional place for the worldwide immigrants. It is going to be a great place for business and investment in view of major tax reforms announced in the state budget 2015-16.


South Australia would be a great place for business and Investment

The state government here is implementing the state tax system to magnetize more and more businesses to South Australia by way of minimizing the costs for business, investment and creating the different jobs. As per the state budget of 2015-16, major tax reforms have been planned to facilitate the business and investment in the state and eliminate the obstacles

The steps taken by State Government to promote business in South Australia

The state government is taking to make South Australia a great place for business and investment by offering it about $670 million in terms of tax reductions in next 4 years, with exemption of stamp duties on business. Below are a few of such key steps for business promotion in this region.

  • The State Government w.e.f. July 2016, will initiate the phase out of the stamp duty on non property transfers. It will make the South Australia a state with lowest tax for such purchases. Moreover, by 2018, the tax shall be totally eliminated, which will make South Australia Stamp duty free for each business purchase.
  • The Stamp duty on non-real property transfers has been eliminated. Hence, every time an individual buy a business in South Australia, the machinery and equipment, non-fired plant, goodwill or intellectual property will be stamp duty free. This will make South Australia the much better option for business and investment as compared to many of the superior Australian states which implement this duty.
  • For the transfer of shares not listed on an acknowledged stock exchange share duty has been eliminated.

Its the Right time for business and investment in South Australia

Its the right time for worldwide businessmen and investors to invest in South Australia in view of various tax reforms announced for this region. The State Government has eliminated a considerable cost involved in the expansion of business and investment, which has made it much simpler for business immigrants to establish and grow their business and investment in South Australia.

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