Looking for Canadian PR? - Know about the Key Responsibilities of a Canadian Resident

Looking for Canadian PR? - Know about the Key Responsibilities of a Canadian Resident

Canada is one of the key destinations for the migrants looking to settle abroad with the family. It is quite evident to see the PR applications received by CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) every year. Canada provides ideal conditions for new immigrants to settle in the country, such as, diversified culture, democratic government policies, various services for immigrants, quality of life, high employment rate, and so on. However, as a Canadian resident, you also need to be aware about a few key right and responsibilities that every Canadian must know and respect.

Responsibilities as Canadian Resident

The Canadian government encourages every individual to know about their rights and respect the key responsibilities as a resident of Canada, i.e.

  • Respects the Canadian Laws: All the residents of Canada are expected to know, respect, and abide by the Canadian Laws and regulations.
  • Save Canadas Heritage: Canada takes pride in its heritage and natural beauty. All the residents in Canada are expected to save the heritage and natural environment and surroundings of Canada.
  • Learn the Official Languages: The residents of Canada are expected to know any of the official languages of Canada, i.e. English or French or both.
  • Mutual Help and Cooperation: Canada is culturally diverse nation where people with different religion, language, beliefs, and customs live together with peace and harmony. Hence, every resident is expected to respect the each others individuality and help the others in the community.

Canadas Cultural Diversity and Equality

Canada is a country that takes pride on its cultural diversity and long lived tradition of accepting people and communities with different religion, culture, languages, and customs. However, the diversified culture has made the Canada strong and united. The Canadian law safeguards the equality, culture, and individuality of every resident of Canada, in short; every Canadian is equal before the law.

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