Quebec Province of Canada has Lowered the Pass Mark for the Immigration of Skilled Workers

Quebec Province of Canada has Lowered the Pass Mark for the Immigration of Skilled Workers

Quebec the largest province of Canada has lowered the pass mark for its upcoming SWP (Skilled Worker Program) for Immigration. The Quebec Skilled Worker Program (SWP) has been designed for the overseas immigrants willing to settle in Quebec and get an employment here based on their skills, education, and experience. The Quebec Immigration program is based on a two-step evaluation procedure, both with minimum cutoff scores. The successful candidates who achieve the passing score are eligible to get a Quebec Certificate of Selection, with which they can apply for Permanent Residency Visa in Canada.

What is Quebec SWP (Skilled Worker Program) for Immigration?

The SWP program of Quebec is going to open on or prior to 1st October 2015, wherein the province is estimated to receive about 6300 applications in the fiscal year 2015-16. In this program close to 75 occupations and areas of training will be available and the applicants would require qualifying for the CSQ (Quebec Certificate of Selection), which is an offer without a job. The candidates with little bit knowledge of French will have the great chance of qualifying. The applicants are selected through the point system, which assess the candidates based on their education, age, language proficiency, experience, partners education, children, and offer of Employment, etc.

How Quebec Immigration program is Significant among others?

Quebec Immigration program is the only program in Canada that confirms the selection of a candidate based on his/her verified qualification. This is why it is different and significant as compared to federal Express Entry System for Immigration or other PNP (Provincial Nominee Programs). The candidates who are able to achieve the passing mark as per Quebec Program to get a Quebec Certificate of Selection that makes them eligible for Permanent Residency in Canada.

Why Quebec is one of the best places in the world for Immigration?

  • Quebec is the largest Canadian province situated in the east-central zone of Canada
  • Education in Quebec, from kindergarten to college is free for all the residents. The Qubec education system is secular and according to the language of instruction in the schools i.e. French or English.
  • Quebec has advanced open economy and is ranked the 37th largest economy in the world
  • Quebec skilled worker is one of the most popular PNP programs in Canada.
  • It ranks 28th in the world for the gross domestic products.
  • Quebec is a Centre of leading-edge industries including aerospace, information technologies & multimedia and is one of North Americas leading high-tech player.
  • It encompasses approximately 7,300 businesses and employs more than 145,000 people.
  • Quebec plans to create 115,000 new jobs in knowledge and innovation sectors by 2017 and therefore invites immigrants to contribute towards its economy.

How to apply for Quebec SWP (Skilled Worker Program) for Immigration?

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