Opportunity for Production Manager (Manufacturing) in Australia

Opportunity for Production Manager (Manufacturing) in Australia

Australia welcomes millions of skilled migrants every year from a variety of sectors. Due to the skill shortage in various domains, Australia is inviting and attracting the skilled workers in huge numbers and facilitating them to immigrate to Australia, through the trouble-free and point-based immigration system. The worldwide skilled migrants also find Australia perfect place to live and work/job in view of its visionary leadership, diverse communities, and ideal working conditions for overseas workers, defined workplace laws, and quality of life in the country.

Australia needs Production Managers (Manufacturing) In view of present growth, development and expansion of the Australia Industries, Australia need the skilled workers in various sectors, however, there is certain occupation, which has great demand in Australia. The demand of Production Managers (Manufacturing) in Australia indicates the great requirement here for certain professions. Hence, the workers under this job profile have a greater chance of getting selected, once they successfully submit their online EOI (Expression of Interest) through SkillSelect.

Duties and Responsibilities of Production Manager (Manufacturing)

The Production Manager organizes, supervise, control, coordinate, and manage the various manufacturing activities in an organization. Below is the key task that a Production Manager Perform on daily basis.

  • Controlling and reviewing the attainment and installation of new plant, apparatus and equipment
  • Directing the function of production plant and quality process through planning of maintenance, management of hours of operation, proper supply of requisite tools and parts
  • Deciding, executing, and examining the production tactics, policies and strategies.
  • Preparing the reports regarding the production activities, i.e. production quality and quantity, time, cost, and labour requirements
  • Reviewing production costs and results, and modifying the existing procedures to maximize production and minimize the cost of production
  • Managing staff activities and reviewing their performance on regular basis and notify about any training needs etc.
  • Keeping and controlling the various production records and reports
  • Regularly notifying the other supervisor and managers regarding the production process and ongoing issues, etc.
  • Guiding the research and survey etc. into production techniques, and suggesting and employing the new techniques and methods
  • managing the execution of health and safety requirements during the production activities


  • Operation Manager (Production)
  • Plant Manager (Manufacturing) (Aus)
  • Works Manager (Manufacturing) (Aus)

Its High time to apply for Skilled Migration Visa for Australia

You have a great chance of getting selected for Skilled Migration Visa for Australia. As this occupation is already listed in consolidated skilled occupation list (CSOL) of Australia, you stand a great chance of getting selected for the Skilled Migration Visa for Australia. However, you would require the proper assistance and advice to submit EOI in SkillSelect.

(Note: With effect from April 19, 2017, Australian Government has replaced the old Occupation lists, i.e. SOL & CSOL with new Skilled Occupation lists, i.e. Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) & Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL). The visa applicants, eligible to nominate an occupation from STSOL, also have access to some occupations in MLTSSL. Hence, both the lists (STSOL & MLTSSL) have been combined to form a new Combined List of Eligible Skilled Occupations and hence, there is no separate STSOL list.)

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