Find out the Immigration Points Requirement in Top 3 Immigration Friendly Countries of the world?

Find out the Immigration Points Requirement in Top 3 Immigration Friendly Countries of the world?

Today, most of the immigration friendly countries have got a point based system to allow immigrants in the country. In such a scenario, if you planning to immigrate to an overseas country, the first thing that comes in your mind is what would be the immigration point requirement?

In continuation of our efforts to keep the Visa applicants updated and informed about immigration procedures of different countries, we at Visas Avenue Immigration are providing the immigration point requirement in top 3 immigration friendly countries of the world, i.e. Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. All these countries have got an organized point based system through which they accept the EOIs (Expression of Interests) from the applicants and subsequently, allocate a definite point score to the submitted EOIs. Lets take a look at the point system in top immigration friendly countries as well as the immigration points requirement.


Canadas point based Express Entry immigration system is quite popular among the immigrants. It allocates the points to the applicants registered in express entry system, based on their profile details, i.e. age, work experience, qualification, etc. The minimum points required to qualify are 67. However, to become eligible to receive ITA (invitation to apply) for PR visa, the total CRS point requirement as per the latest draw of express entry is 488 points. The CRS point requirement in last few draws has been around 480 points only.


Australia too has a point based system of immigration. It reviews the submitted EOIs of applicants based on their work experience, age, skills, education, language proficiency, etc. factors. The minimum points required to qualify are 60 points. The higher point scores than this, increases your chances of getting selected for visa in Australia. However, the point requirement in South Australia is slightly higher for IT occupations, i.e. 70 points as per the latest South Australia State Nomination Occupation List.

New Zealand

New Zealand also employs the point based system immigration system to allow skilled migrants in the country for PR visa. It allocates points to the profile factors (i.e. age, work experience, language ability, qualification, etc.) of the applicants. The minimum points a Skill Migrant Category (SMC) visa applicant need to find the entry in the pool of candidates is 100 points. Higher points score will obviously boost your chances of getting selected for residence visa in New Zealand.

How to find crucial support & assistance to follow point based system and apply for the overseas visa?

If you are determined to get PR in any of the above countries in the year 2016, you can get in touch with Visas Avenue immigration to discuss your immigration plan and start the proceedings.

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