Planning to move to Australia? Choose the right Visa Category for Immigration

Planning to move to Australia? Choose the right Visa Category for Immigration

Australia along with Canada is the most favored immigration nation in the world. Both these countries welcome millions of migrants every year from all parts of the world. The Students and skilled workers from Asia and other close by regions especially, prefer Australia in view of tremendous facilities here for both, in terms of infrastructure, world class cities, living standard, high human development index, democratic government, defined workplace laws, world famous reputed universities and so on.

Australia has diverse Visa Categories

It has been observed that the people interested in migration to Australia, are not often aware about the appropriate visa category, as Australia issue more than 100 different categories of Visas. The person interested in Australia immigration needs to apply for right visa, depending on his/her purpose and conditions of the visit. If you are also planning to immigrate to Australia, however, confused about the Visa Category, we will brief you about the common Australian Visa Categories.

The Common Visa Categories/types in Australia

Below are a few common visa categories in Australia to help you decide, which category must be relevant to your visit.

  • Business Migration Visa

This particular visa will be suitable for you in case you are planning to establish a business in Australia or want to make any Investment here. If your business is established in Australia, you can go on to apply for permanent residency.

  • Skilled Workers Visa

This particular visa is for the skilled workers and professionals, i.e. Manager, trade workers, etc. This visa enables you for Skilled Migration in Australia.

  • Working Holiday Makers

This is for the details regarding acquiring of the Working Holiday Visa and for how to live in Australia, once your working holidays are finished.

  • Corporate Immigration Services

This particular visa category is for the HR professionals and business owners, who is sponsoring their employees to stay and work in Australia

  • Family Migration Visas

This particular category of visas is for the individuals, who wish to bring their family members to Australia to live here permanently. There are various visa options available under this category depending on your relationship and conditions.

  • International Students

This visa type is for the overseas students, who wish to pursue studies in Australia and want to stay here after studies. Under this category a variety of temporary and permanent visa sub-categories are available.

All the Visa types listed above are further subdivided into subcategories to match the specific Immigration purpose. You may coordinate with a reliable Visa Consultancy Service to get the key assistance for the selection of right visa category and to make the rest of the Visa procedure trouble free and smooth.

How to get the help & assistance in choosing the right Visa Category for immigration to Australia?

Well, if you are planning to immigrate to Australia, you need to go through multifaceted immigration procedures and documentation to apply for an Australian Visa. In case, you miss out on any key aspect or procedural guideline, it could lead to a denial of your candidature, which is the last thing you would want, as the visas need to be approved within a limited period of time most of the time.

Under all such circumstances, a help, guidance, or assistance from a trusted Immigration Consultancy Service is essential for a timely immigration to your desired country. Visas Avenue is one such reputed Visa Consultancy Service that has a team of qualified and experienced Immigration Experts. Visas Avenue has been helping its worldwide clients to immigrate to immigration hotspot countries, such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong, South Africa, etc. over the years.

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