PCC and Medical Exam for Canada PR- The two Crucial Documents you need After Receiving ITA

PCC and Medical Exam for Canada PR- The two Crucial Documents you need After Receiving ITA

Canada immigration process demands multiple documents from the applicants, especially, if you are applying for permanent residence. Some of these documents you require to register your profile in Federal Express Entry system or any similar immigration program, i.e. IELTS Test for English Proficiency and ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) to verify your qualifications obtained. On the other hand, there are certain documents, which you need after receiving Invitation to Apply for Canada PR from IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada). We are not talking about the general documents, that you submit with your application, i.e. passport/travel documents, photograph, employment records, proof of funds documents, etc. There are two distinct documents you require submit after receiving the ITA, i.e. PCC and Medical Exam Certificate. Crucial Documents you need After Receiving ITA There two key documents which you need once ITA (Invitation to Apply) for Canada PR has been received from IRCC. You get 60 days time to submit complete Canada PR application. Usually, after submitting your documents, you are asked to provide a Police Clearance Certificate and Medical examination certificate.

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Medical ExaminationExpress entry is the largely popular Canada PR program, so in this page, medical exam process has been explained in the context of the same. Here are some key instructions you must follow to before going for a medical exam for Canada PR (Express entry).

  • You need to have a medical examfrom a panel physician before you apply for Canada PR (once ITA is received). Your family members must also have one, even if they are not accompanying you
  • You are advised to complete your medical exam as soon as you get your invitation to apply.
  • Your Medical exam must be legitimate, when you submit your application for PR, and when you land in Canada
  • It is suggested to complete the exam as close as possible to the date you submit your online application.
  • The panel physician will give you an information printout sheet and IMM1017B Upfront Medical Report form. Submit a copy of these documents when you apply online.
  • Your PR application wont get approved in case your health status is found as a danger to Canadas public health or safety or likely to result in excessive demand on health or social services in Canada

Police Certificate for Canada PRObtaining the Police certificate may take a longer time. Hence it is advised to ask for the same as soon as your profile is in the pool. In case you received the ITA for Canada PR and you still dont have the same, you should ask for it straightaway. Here are few key points to note down with regards to PCC.

  • You may not be allowed to enter Canada if your criminal record is found.
  • Police certificate required for:
    • you and your family members who are 18 years or above
    • every country you (or a family member) lived in during the last 10 years for 6 months or more in a row
  • Police certificates need to be the scanned copies of the original certificate(s) in colour.
  • Certified true copies or unauthorized copies wont be accepted and may result in rejection of the application

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