What is the point score needed to obtain Canadian PR Visa through Express Entry System?

What is the point score needed to obtain Canadian PR Visa through Express Entry System?

Applying for the PR visa in Canada? Well, its obviously a wise decision, as Canada is known as the perfect country for the immigrants.

The people immigrate to Canada from all parts of the world and get gelled exceptionally well through the support of ideal government policies and tolerant society. However, clearing the point based system of immigration is one of the key concerns of the immigration aspirants to Canada. Hence, lets understand this point based immigration system of Canada first.

Federal Express Entry System of Immigration

In the beginning of the last year, federal government of Canada launched one of the most organized immigration systems in the world, i.e. Express Entry System. As per this system, an applicant needs to register its profile on the online express entry system. The candidate interested in getting PR in Canada, submits EOI (Expression of Interest) providing all the details of its profile, i.e. language proficiency level, age, work experience, education, etc. The applicant gets point for all these profile factors entered in express entry.

The point score needed in Express Entry System

As already discussed, an applicant requires submitting his/her EOI in the express entry system mentioning all the key details of the profile. The system allocates points for each profile factor of the applicant, i.e. age, education, etc.

The candidate need to score minimum 67 points based on the factors of his/her profile mentioned above to qualify as an approved candidate in Express entry pool of candidates. However, entering in the express entry pool doesnt guarantee the PR visa. Under such circumstances,

What is the ideal points score that can get you Canadian PR Visa?

Express Entry selects the candidate from the pool through its periodic draws, which are usually occurring on fortnightly basis. However, the points score (CRS Score) requirement is not fixed. The IRCC (Immigration Refugee and Citizenship of Canada) announces the different Qualifying marks (CRS Score requirement) for each draw.

Who stands a good chance of obtaining ITA for PR Visa?

As per the recent express entry draw trends, CRS Score requirement is hovering between 480-538 points. Hence, as per the current trend of EE Draws, if your point score is beyond 480 points, you stand a very good chance of securing Invitation to Apply (ITA) for PR visa.

You may coordinate with a reliable immigration consultancy service to get best assistance for upgrading your profile to enhance your point score and subsequently secure PR visa in Canada.

How to get support and assistance to apply for Canadian PR visa via Express Entry?

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