Moving to Canada Permanently at the Age of 40

Moving to Canada Permanently at the Age of 40

How to Move Canada Permanently at the Age of 40?

Canada is one of the world's most welcoming countries. There is no specific age limit to move Canada and apply for Canada PR visa via Express Entry or Provincial Nominee Programs. However, an applicant between 25-35 years of age does receive the maximum points for the age factor. Nevertheless, it doesnt mean that older candidates are not advised to apply and cannot get selected. Suppose you have considerable work experience, high English or French language proficiency and a higher education level. In that case, you can quickly grab more points and compensate for the points lost for your age under economic immigration. It is pretty evident that at the age of 40 or above, your chances of success through any Express Entry programs depend on your Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score based on other factors except age. You may get invited to apply for Canada PR based on your overall CRS score and ranking in the pool. But, no one can guarantee that you'll successfully receive your permanent residence approval either through the Canada Express Entry system, Provincial Nominee Program or any other economic immigration program. Since the entire application process is competitive, lengthy, and regularly updated, the final approval decision lies with the IRCC. However, there are many options for increasing your overall CRS score. Read further to learn more about those options and take the necessary steps in improving your CRS scores!

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Improve IELTS Score Your IELTS or any other language exam score is one of the critical factors in your immigration file as it is needed for all economic immigration categories in Canada. Thus, you need to train yourself and opt for IELTS training. With only a tiny improvement of one or two points, you may get closer to the cut-off score requirement to obtain an Invitation to apply for Canada PR (ITA). Additionally, if you are a bilingual applicant, it is a bonus! You can take language tests for both English and French and claim 22-24 points. Education Assessment This one is a highly valued profile factor under the CRS. If you enter the pool of candidates without an ECA report, you have to wait longer. But, an ECA report increases your score drastically. You can obtain up to 200 points for ECA, including 150 under core human capital and 50 additional points in combination with language ability or Canadian work experience. Also, if you complete an additional level of education like a degree, PhD, certificate, etc., which is assessed, then it can provide you with a higher CRS score. *Find recently active PNPs, here. Get Provincial Nomination With a provincial nomination, you automatically get an additional 600 points, which virtually guarantees you to obtain an ITA in the upcoming Express Entry draw. Many Canadian provinces manage their Express Entry-aligned PNP streams via which they select eligible candidates even with a CRS score of 300-400 points and nominate successful ones for Canada PR. If you found the information helpful and want expert guidance in preparing your application for Canada permanent residence, you may book a free consultation today!