Move to Canada as a self-employed Person in 2022

Move to Canada as a self-employed Person in 2022

If you are a professional artist, athlete, or even a farmer, its your chance to immigrate to Canada permanently and avail yourself of exclusive Canada PR benefits. You can apply through the Self-Employed Persons Program for Canadian immigration.

About Self-Employed Person Program

Both federal and provincial governments of Canada offer self-employment visa programs to foreign nationals. Via such programs, you can permanently move to Canada and work as a self-employed person. Eligibility Requirements Canadas self-employed person program selects candidates based on a point system. As mentioned, to be eligible, you must have relevant work experience. Also, you can be self-employed in Canada as a Dancer, Painter, Journalist, Musician, Writer, Designer, Athlete, Sports coach, Referee, Program Leaders, etc. The Immigration, Refugee, Citizenship Canada assess your application onkey selection criteriafor self-employed person program, and you must score at least 35 points out of 100 on the following key factors:

  • Education- Maximum 25 Points
  • Experience- Maximum 35 Points
  • Age- Maximum 10 Points
  • Adaptability- Maximum 6 Points
  • Language abilities- Maximum 24 Points

Canadas Provincial Nominee Programs for Self Employed Persons If you are willing to immigrate to any particular province in Canada, then youll be happy that even provinces have specific Self-Employed PNP streams. However, the eligibility criteria and selection process differ from province to province. With this, we have concluded that establishing yourself in Canada as a self-employed person is possible with a self-employed person program. Thus, we recommend you to take a free profile assessmenttoday and discover your eligibility for Canada PR. Followed by this, one of our representatives will connect with you to discuss the best options and further process. Contact ustoday and start your process to apply for Canada PR in 2022. You may reach us on a Toll-Free No. 78-18-000-777 or drop us an email at