Magnificent May- Visas Avenue obtained 52 Client Visa approvals in May 2022

Magnificent May- Visas Avenue obtained 52 Client Visa approvals in May 2022

Visas Avenue team is celebrating the success of Marvellous May! In the month of May 2022, VA team has received massive, i.e. 52 visa approvals. The VA clients received most approvals for the Canada and, Australia PR (Permanent Residence) visa. Apart from this, candidates also received approval for Study and Visit visa categories. This is another feather in the cap for the Visas Avenue team, as last month also; VA team received 89 visa approvals collectively in March and April 2022.

List of VA Client Visa Approvals in May 2022

S.No. Country Client Name Visa Approved Month
1 Canada Nishita***** Canada PR May'22
2 Australia Rakesh***** Australia PR May'22
3 australia Jasmine***** Australia PR May'22
4 Canada Sankaranarayanan***** Canada PR May'22
5 Canada Paramjeet***** Canada PR May'22
6 Canada Satishwar***** Canada PR May'22
7 Canada Hima***** Canada PR May'22
8 Canada Mohana***** Canada-Visit Visa May'22
9 Canada Mr. Satishwar***** Canada PR May'22
10 Canada Jude Jitesh***** Canada PR May'22
11 UK Dr. Hanock***** UK Visitor Visa May'22
12 Canada Zeshan***** Canada PR May'22
13 Australia Tirthankar***** Australia PR May'22
14 Australia Nimaashree***** Australia PR May'22
15 Canada Anup Dilip***** Canada PR May'22
16 Canada Soumya***** Canada PR May'22
17 Canada Shreya***** Canada PR May'22
18 Australia Kohli Richa and Saurabh Sharma***** Australia PR May'22
19 Canada Mary Infant Sonia***** Canada PR May'22
20 Canada Munner***** Canada PR May'22
21 Australia Ranabir***** Australia PR May'22
22 Canada Gunturu Veera***** Canada-Visit Visa May'22
23 Canada Syed Faiq***** Canada PR May'22
24 Canada Bhavina***** Canada PR May'22
25 Canada Mihir***** Canada PR May'22
26 Canada Vinay Easwaran***** Canada PR May'22
27 Canada Shalom Anna***** Canada PR May'22
28 Canada Nivin Isac***** Canada PR May'22
29 Canada Pargat***** Canada PR May'22
30 Canada Sujit***** Canada PR May'22
31 Canada Tanvi***** Canada PR May'22
32 Canada Shriyash***** Canada PR May'22
33 Canada P.S.Rangaswamy+1 Canada-Visit Visa May'22
34 Canada Nidhi Piyush***** Canada PR May'22
35 Canada Ms.Ann Devakumar***** Canada-Visit Visa May'22
36 Canada Hardik***** Canada PR May'22
37 Canada Inderdeep***** Canada-Visit Visa May'22
38 Canada Shruthi***** Canada PR May'22
39 Australia Vaibhav Jagannath***** Australia- Student Visa May'22
40 Canada Krishnamurthy***** + 1 Canada-Visit Visa May'22
41 Canada Pawan***** Canada PR May'22
42 Australia Meenaxi***** Australia Visitor Visa May'22
43 Australia Subhash Chander***** Australia Visitor Visa May'22
44 Australia Shreya Dipak***** Australia PR May'22
45 Australia Aditi Bist***** + 2 - Visa Grant Australia Visitor Visa May'22
46 Australia Anil Kumar*****+1 Australia Visitor Visa May'22
47 Canada Nidhi Anil***** Canada PR May'22
48 Canada Shreyasi***** Canada PR May'22
49 Canada Mitesh***** Canada PR May'22
50 Canada Divya***** Canada PR May'22
51 Canada Abhishek***** Canada PR May'22
52 Canada Mitali***** Canada PR May'22

Visas Avenue is on the verge of completing a decade in the immigration industry and in a very short span, it has set a high benchmark for client service. Not many players in the industry has such outstanding success rate for obtaining the visa approvals for clients aka visa applicants. List of Visas Avenue Immigration ServicesFind below the list of immigration services that VA team offer to the visa applicants:

  • Eligibility Assessment
  • Visa Application Filing
  • Documentation Assistance
  • International Admissions
  • Language coaching, i.e. IELTS, PTE, etc.
  • Refusal case analysis
  • Visa application follow up, etc.

If you wish to apply for visa in any of the overseas counties, such as, Canada, Australia, USA, UK, New Zealand, etc., you may get in touch with Visas Avenue. To enrol with Visas Avenue, you may contact VA Visa and immigration expert on Toll-Free-Number- 78-18-000-777. Alternatively, you can drop us an e-mail at