Looking for Canada PR without Sponsorship from Canada?

Looking for Canada PR without Sponsorship from Canada?

Canada is one of the advanced countries that offer permanent residency to the overseas skilled workers even without sponsorship from Canada. Obtaining Canadian permanent residency has its own benefits. Canada is culturally diverse nation that offer best environment, opportunities and facilities to the immigrants. Vast number Canadian immigration aspirants every year apply for permanent residency in Canada. The federal express entry system is the most popular immigration program in Canada. Every year, thousands of immigration applicants register in express entry to apply for Canada PR. Obtaining Sponsorship is not easyObtaining a Sponsorship from Canada is not easy, particularly, in view of the LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) requirement. Obtaining a LMIA approval is also a time taking process, as ESDC department ensures that no local Canadian is overlooked while sponsoring an overseas skilled worker.

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What it takes to obtain Canada PR without sponsorship? If you want to obtain the permanent residency in Canada without sponsorship from Canadian employer, you need to apply through specific immigration programs and follow the relevant guidelines as well. Express Entry is the most popular immigration program to obtain the Canada PR without employment offer from Canada. Lets take a look at the key requisites to get Canada PR via express entry without sponsorship from Canada. Obtain a Provincial Nomination Provincial nominee programs are the immigration programs that belong to various provinces of Canada. Each province in Canada has a provincial nominee program through which, it selects the skilled migrants to offer them permanent residency. If you apply and get selected in a provincial nominee program, you will become eligible to get 600 extra CRS points in the express entry, which in turn makes you eligible to apply for PR in Canada without Canadian sponsorship. A few of the key Provincial Nominee Programs are, SINP (Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program), OINP (Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program), NSNP (Nova Scotia Nominee Program), PEIPNP (Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program), etc. Higher Qualification Rich profile can also make up for your sponsorship in Canada. If you have a good qualification, i.e. Post-graduation or higher, you can obtain good points in the express entry and score well to get selected for ITA (Invitation to Apply) for Canadian PR. Rich Professional ExperienceRich experience is also a key requisite to acquire good immigration points while applying for permanent residency in Canada. Although, work experience has to be rich, however, age also requires being below 40 years to score well on the Canadian point-based immigration system.

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Language proficiency If you dont have any sponsorship from Canada, scoring well for Language proficiency in English or French or both can enhance your points on Express entry system to offer PR in Canada. If you are applying under the guidance of a Canada Immigration Consultant in Mumbai, you can get vital guidance and assistance for obtaining good points in Express Entry System. Its also the ideal time to apply for Canada PR in view of low qualifying marks in express entry and eased immigration rules by the Canadian government. Disclaimer: We are not a job recruitment agent and job service provider, we do not deal in any kind of working visa this page is only available for information purpose. We are a solely an Immigration Advisory Service that advice and assist applicants on PR and Tourist Visa process.