Want to live in New Zealand on Permanent basis? Know about the appropriate NZ Visa Categories

Want to live in New Zealand on Permanent basis?  Know about the appropriate NZ Visa Categories

New Zealand is a dream destination for the individuals loves to work and live in a peaceful, clean, and safe environment. With a considerably low population density, easy going life, calm, and cool country atmosphere and climate, favourable Government policies, New Zealand is the first choice for thousands of immigrants travelling to this part of the world to get settled on a permanent basis. If you are also planning to get settled in this most beautiful and peaceful country, we will tell you about the appropriate Visa categories to live and work in New Zealand permanently.

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The Visa Categories for NZ Permanent Residency

In case you are willing to live and work in NZ on a permanent basis, you require choosing one of the below two categories to apply for the same. However, your application needs to be based on your skills and occupation on only. i.e.

Work to Residence

This particular visa is a temporary work visa that later on permits you to make application for a Residence from Work residence visa. The key benefit of Residence from Work is that an applicant does not require submitting an expression of interest before applying for residence.

Eligibility Conditions

This particular visa has been designed for the applicant, who is able to fulfil one of the following criteria:

  • Who is skilled in the occupations, which are well opportunity in NZ
  • Who hasgot an employment offer from an recognized employer, or
  • Who have got an outstanding talent in arts or sports.

Skilled Migrant Category

This particular visa category has been designed for the skilled workers interested to live and work in New Zealand. They need to apply under the Skilled Migrant Category, by sending an expression of interest to Immigration New Zealand.

Eligibility Conditions

The individuals who have got the appropriate skills, qualifications, and experience as required by New Zealand employers and industries, can apply under Skilled Migrant Category.

The NZ Permanent Resident visa

The resident visas issued under Residence from Work and Skilled Migrant Category permits you to visit outside the NZ for the initial 2 years of your residence. Later on, you would require applying for Permanent Resident Visa.

The Permanent Resident Visa permits you unobstructed visits, i.e. you can travel outside New Zealand as many time you want and can always come back as the NZ resident.

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