Preparing for the life in Canada? -Know Key Points about the citizenship test

Preparing for the life in Canada? -Know Key Points about the citizenship test

Canada is the first choice of skilled migrants, students, businessmen, etc. for immigration and subsequently the permanent residency. The people immigrating to Canada with various ambitions often go on to apply for permanent residency or the citizenship in Canada. If you are also preparing for the life in Canada, we shall update you about the key aspects of the citizenship test.


Individuals who can apply for Citizenship Test

The Citizenship Test is the final step for you to become a Canadian Citizen. The Citizen Ceremony takes place post this place. Hence, you must be prepared well in advance for the citizenship.

  • You must be between the age 14 to 64m
  • You must fulfill the basic condition for the citizenship

What are the Eligibility Parameters?

You need to meet the parameters of the following in order to become the eligible Canadian citizen:

  • Permanent Residency Status
  • Language proficiency
  • Age
  • Income tax filing
  • Prohibitions
  • Willingness to stay
  • Knowledge about Canada

The Citizenship Test Key Details

The citizenship test reveals how much you know about Canada. It is generally written exam, however, the citizenship officer may also take your interview.

Below are the key details you be asked during the interview.

  • Freedom, rights and responsibilities of citizens of Canada
  • Democracy and methods to partake in Canadian society,
  • Military and Political history of Canada (including the political system, monarchy and branches of government),
  • Cultural and social history of Canada as well as the symbols
  • Political and physical geography of Canada

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