Key Tips to Get Selected for Canadian PR in the Next QSWP Application Intake of 2016

Key Tips to Get Selected for Canadian PR in the Next QSWP Application Intake of 2016

Canada is undisputedly one of the most desired countries, when it comes to live, work, or raise family. And if you seek permanent residency in Canada, you will have to remain updated about its key immigration programs, so that you can apply well in time. The Quebec Skilled Workers Program (QSWP) is one of such key immigration programs, which offer the permanent residency (PR) visa to the candidates with relatively easy and less process requirements. Hence, you must plan the ways to get selected in next QSWP application intake.

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What are the key dates for QSWP in 2016?

The online applications in QSWP are being accepted via Mon projet Qubec- an online system. The key dates announced with regard to QSWP total applications intake in the year 2016 are as follows:

  • For Registered Applicants: The candidates who already have accounts in Mon projet Qubec can submit their applications between dates June 13, 2016 to June 20, 2016.
  • New Registrations: The new registrations for Mon projet Qubec will be opened as soon as the existing intake is completed.
  • Next QSWP Intake: The next QSWP intake is likely to accept 5000 applications more; however the precise dates have not been announced as yet.

Key Tips to Get Success in the upcoming QSWP (Quebec Skilled Workers Program)

Well, as already discussed, the QSWP is one of the most popular immigration program of Canada, which provide several relaxation to the applicants, i.e. no job offer required, no French language compulsion, no need to be in EE pool, etc. Hence, any applicant willing to migrate to Canada cannot miss the opportunity to apply in QSWP. However, to ensure the selection in this program, you would need to do inclusive efforts and make strategy in advance. Below are the key preparation points you can follow:

  • Create account on Mon projet Qubec soon

If you dont have the account on Mon projet Qubec, this is the first thing you need to do as soon as the registrations open. The competition is huge for Canadian PR, hence, you need to remain ahead of the rivals and hence, get well prepared in advance and create your account fast, before the registrations are closed.

  • Be Proficient in French Language

The Quebec is bilingual province of Canada, where people speak both English and French. The next intake has still got a few months left, hence, if you can learn French along with English, it will be an added advantage, and you can get extra marks for your application.

  • Collect the Area of training Points

In QSWP, you will be getting marks for the area of training as well, so if you can get the proper certification with regard to your area of training, your profile score shall get a tremendous boost.

  • Get Your File Prepared in advance

It is advised that you gather all your essential credentials or documents gathered and assessed in advance, so that you dont have to run around at the last moment. You can take a help of a trusted immigration consultancy to get the same done.

  • Coordinate with Reliable Canada Immigration consultant

Well, as they say well begun is half done, hence, if you take the first step right and do preparations well in advance, there is no reason you wont succeed in getting your ITA (Invitation to Apply) for PR in Canada.

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The immigration is ever changing process or industry, here the regulation and rules get change overnight as well, hence, it is always better to take the help and advice from an expert visa consultancy service and get the file prepared well in advance.

The Visas Avenue being the top immigration advisory company for Canada visa and immigration, can be your crucial partner to get the educational credential assessed, documents gathered, file prepared, and in creating account on Mon projet Qubec.

So, to take the first step, all you need to do is call the Canadian Visa expert at 011-484447777 or 080-46668222 or fill the free assessment form to receive a call back from the immigration specialists with a thorough assessment of your profile. A dedicated Case Manger will be assigned to you who will help you apply in the QSWP accurately in time and arrange all the things required for the program. You may also direct your queries at

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