What are the key advantages of Canada Immigration and PR for an Indian?

What are the key advantages of Canada Immigration and PR for an Indian?

If you are planning to move to Canada from India, you must be looking to find answer of many of your question, i.e. is it right place for me to move to as an Indian? What are the key benefits of moving to Canada? Well, to get answer of all your questions, lets first understand the history and pattern of immigration to Canada from India.

The number of Indians moving to Canada every year has been significant over the years. India is among the top two source countries for immigration to Canada. The immigration to Canada from India has history of almost one century and it is still considerable in the 21st century. However, the key question here is why immigration to Canada from India is significant or what are the key advantages that magnetize Indians to get PR (Permanent Residency) in Canada?

The Key advantages of Canadian PR for an Indian

Today there are lots of Indo-Canadian families settled in Canada, which clearly indicate the kind of life they are living in Canada. Indians are employed almost in every industry. Even several Indians are either Cabinet Ministers or MPs in Canada in the federal government. Lets take a look at the key benefits Indians get here in Canada:

Indian Communities

When you move to Canada as an Indian, you will get to see lots of Indian people and communities, which gives you a great advantage in terms of making contacts or integrating in the society. Even many Indians have their relatives in Canada, and it certainly goes to their advantage when they land here in Canada.

Democratic Values and Tolerant society

Unlike other advanced countries, there is no negative opinion about immigration among the Canadians. The democratic values and tolerant society in Canada give the homely feeling to Indians landing here as India itself it a huge democracy with well established democratic values.

High Employment rate

In view of ageing population, Canada needs lots of skilled migrants to fill the skill gaps across its various provinces. So Indians get multiple opportunities for high income jobs and career growth in Canada compared to India.

Social Security benefits and Enhanced infrastructure

Canada is known for offering multiple social security benefits to its permanent residents and citizens that attract several Indians to Canada. The infrastructure in Canada is also much more improved and world class compared to India.

Immigrant friendly Policies

Immigrant friendly policies of Canada makes it really easy for many Indians to apply for Canadian visa and immigrate here following the relatively hassle free immigration procedure. The immigration policies are not so lenient in most of the advanced nations across the world.

Need Assistance to immigrate to Canada from India?

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