Jubilant June for Team Visas Avenue- Received Record 52 Client Visa approvals in June 2022

Jubilant June for Team Visas Avenue- Received Record 52 Client Visa approvals in June 2022

There is nothing more pleasing than witnessing the success of a wonderful team after immense hard work and dedication. Team Visas Avenue has achieved yet another milestone by obtaining record 52 clients visa approvals in a single month, i.e. June 2022. Its an outstanding achievement for any Visa Consultancy Service. This sensational feat has further established the status of Visas Avenue has the most trusted Immigration Advisor and Consultant in India. Sincere congratulation to each VA client who has received approval on his/her visa application. As we thank all our clients for their great cooperation, its also the time to acknowledge the effort, knowledge, experience, hard work and dedicationof all the team members, who work dedicatedly to achieve such winning moments for the Visas Avenue.

Clients who Received Visa Approvals

In the month of June, VA team received Canada PR visa approvals mostly followed by Canadian study visa and visitor visa for Australia and Canada. Find below the list of clients who received the visa approval in the month of June 2022.

VA Teams Client Visa Approvals in June 2022

S.No. Country Client Name Visa Approved Month
1 Australia Navya Australia Visitor Visa June'22
2 Canada Neha Canada PR June'22
3 Canada Amarnath Canada Visit Visa June'22
4 Canada Aayush Canada PR June'22
5 Canada Syed Canada PR June'22
6 Canada Sruthi Canada PR June'22
7 Canada Nainika Canada PR June'22
8 Canada Ninoshka Canada PR June'22
9 Canada Edwin Canada PR June'22
10 Australia Vinod Australia Visitor Visa June'22
11 Canada Charvi Canada PR June'22
12 Canada Dimple Canada PR June'22
13 Canada Sunil Canada PR June'22
14 Canada Snehil Canada PR June'22
15 Canada Parvathi Canada PR June'22
16 Canada Ramesh Canada Visit Visa June'22
17 Canada Paramesh Canada -Study Visa June'22
18 Canada Aaira Canada -Study Visa June'22
19 Canada Salman Canada Visit Visa June'22
20 Canada Nagasri Canada PR June'22
21 Canada Vicky Canada Visit Visa June'22
22 Canada Venkatesan Canada Visit Visa June'22
23 Canada Mirza Canada Visit Visa June'22
24 Canada Christy Canada PR June'22
25 Canada Nirmala Canada PR June'22
26 Australia Naveen Australia Visitor Visa June'22
27 Canada Ashish Canada Open Work Permit PR June'22
28 Australia Rajesh Australia Visitor Visa June'22
29 Australia SURESH Australia Visitor Visa June'22
30 Canada Allan Canada PR June'22
31 Canada Paresh Canada PR June'22
32 Canada Sidhant Canada PR June'22
33 Canada Mohan Canada Visit Visa June'22
34 Canada Nikhil Canada PR June'22
35 Canada Siddhant Canada PR June'22
36 Canada Kshitiz Canada PR June'22
37 Canada Neha Canada PR June'22
38 Canada Xeetij Canada PR June'22
39 Canada Karan Canada PR June'22
40 Canada Harpreet Canada PR June'22
41 Canada Lakshmi Canada PR June'22
42 Canada Gurleen Canada PR June'22
43 Canada Tanikella Canada Visit Visa June'22
44 USA Madan Visa Grant June'22
45 Canada Pranoti Canada PR June'22
46 Canada Parth Canada PR June'22
47 Canada Shantanu Canada PR June'22
48 Canada Kanika Canada PR June'22
49 Canada Anjali Canada PR June'22
50 Canada Samina Canada PR June'22
51 Canada Bhawyaraj Canada PR June'22
52 Canada Neha Canada PR June'22

Incredible Success rate of Visas Avenue team Visas Avenue team takes pride on its outstanding success rate of over 97 % for acquiring the visa approvals for the clients aka overseas visa applicants. Although, Team VA specializes in Canada and Australia immigration and PR process, however, its record of accomplishment is no less impressive when it comes to the visa process of USA, UK, New Zealand, Germany, etc. If you are also planning immigration to any of the above-mentioned countries this year, you may call and fix appointment with VA Immigration and Visa Expert right away to discuss your eligibility for appropriate visa over a cup of coffee. You may call Visas Avenue Migration Expert on Toll-Free No. 78-18-000-777 or you can drop us an e-mail at