Is Point Score of 60 good enough to get Skilled PR Visa in Australia?

Is Point Score of 60 good enough to get Skilled PR Visa in Australia?

Every year, tens of thousands of individuals apply for point-based Skilled PR visas in Australia. Though the people with good immigration points get through, there are several applicants, who couldnt make it due to relatively low point score.

In such a situation, what is the safe immigration point score that can get you ITA (Invitation to Apply) for PR Visa in Australia?

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As per Australia immigration process, the minimum points you need to qualify in the point based system are 60. But, is the point score of 60 is enough to get ITA for point tested PR Visa in Australia? Lets find out.

Can obtaining minimum point score of 60 get you Skilled PR Visa in Australia?

As per the point-based immigration system of Australia, if you are able to obtain minimum 60 points, you become eligible to apply for relevant point tested skilled visa.

However, it is interesting to note that this point score does not guarantee you ITA for visa. In fact, if you apply to get nomination from the state for a particular visa, some states require more than 60 points even to qualify as an applicant.

Hence, even though, 60 points usually are good enough to qualify, but for getting ITA, you must look go score beyond this. But the key question here is

How to enhance your point score for Australian skilled PR visa?

As per the Australia immigration process, your points are calculated based on your below profile factors, i.e.

  • Age
  • Education
  • English Language Proficiency Level
  • Work Experience
  • State Nomination, etc.

Hence, if you are looking to boost your immigration point score, you must enhance your points for any of the above-mentioned factors. While age factor is something you cant change, you can surely improve other factors to enhance your total points. For instance, you can enhance your language proficiency by sitting in the IELTS, etc. Test again or wait for particular period to add further qualification or experience against your name, etc. Moreover, you also get points for your partner skill qualification.

Points for State Nomination

If you are applying for a state nominated visa (subclass 190 visa), the state nomination also gets you additional 5 points. Similarly, nomination for Subclass 489 (Provisional) Visa from state or territory government orsponsorship by an eligible family member from Australia gets you 10 points.

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