Is moving to Canada from India Worth in 21st Century?

Is moving to Canada from India Worth in 21st Century?

India is a fast-growing nation with immense opportunities and scope in future. It is the fastest growing economy today. However, despite all such features, it is also true that presently, it lacks the infrastructure and facilities, which is essential for a skilled professional. This is the reason that a huge number of skilled professionals every year plan immigration to overseas countries. Canada being the top immigration destination in the world becomes the first choice for immigrants seeking permanent residency abroad. What makes Canada best country for immigrants?Canada is a wonderful advanced nation with tolerant and multicultural society and democratic values intact. The quality of life, as well as living standard in Canada, is not only better than India but most other advanced countries. Here are the key features of Canada as a nation, which force immigrants in India to apply for permanent residency and subsequently the citizenship in Canada.

  • Advanced infrastructure i.e. well maintained roads, finest transportation means, proper and hassle-free supply of electricity and water, efficient government departments, world-class education and health care facilities, excellent administration, less corruption, etc.
  • Stable Economy
  • 1 country in the world for Quality of Life
  • 4th most accepting country for immigrants
  • Canadian cities rank among the top livable cities of the world
  • Tolerant society with no discrimination based on race, religion, colour or ethnicity, etc.
  • Multicultural society. Canada is known as a nation of immigrants. Great acceptance for immigrants.

Most accepting country for immigrants Canada is considered as the paradise for immigrants. It has been recently ranked as the 4th most accepting country for the immigrant. However, I personally think its the best in the world, with its lenient immigration policies. As per Canadas multiyear immigration plan (2018-2020), it is going to invite close to one million immigrants in next 3 years.

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Canada Vs India Although India has been developing very fast, however, one cannot deny the fact that it still is a developing country. India lag behind Canada based on various factors, i.e. infrastructure, healthcare, education, quality of life, and of course the professional opportunities. India, is burdened with huge population hence, the opportunities for skilled and talented professionals remain limited, which forces the people here to look out for better professional opportunities and quality of life in Canada or other such advanced countries. Apply Canada PR in 21st Century In the end, applying Canada PR in 21stcenturyis absolutely worth and wise decision to take if you want better professional opportunities, bright career, high wages and better living standards for your family and children. If you are planning to move to Canada this year, you may contact Visas Avenue Immigration Consultancy firm to get complete process assistance. You may contact Visas Avenue certified Canada migration experts on Toll-Free Number- 78-18-000-777. Alternatively, e-mail your queries to Visas Avenue e-mail id-