Is it challenging to apply for Canada PR Visa in 2022?

Is it challenging to apply for Canada PR Visa in 2022?

Canada is undoubtedly one of the best destinations to immigrate to for a newcomer. From infrastructure and robust economy to immense job opportunities and top wages, Canada attracts thousands of applicants every year for permanent residence. However, many Canadian immigration applications get refused as well for various reasons, a lot of which are entirely avoidable. Such unfortunate circumstances usually result in causing distress and disappointment for aspiring immigrants and their family members. The reason behind such situations is a lack of proper knowledge! Since Canada offers a plethora of immigration options for skilled foreign nationals, it sometimes becomes challenging for a person to navigate through a detailed process. Therefore, we came up with seven typical reasons why Canada PR visaapplications get refused. This can help you or anyone who is thinking about immigrating to Canada.

7 reasons why Canada PR visa applications get refused:

An Act of Misrepresentation It has been observed that many cases of misrepresentation find their way when an applicant misreads or misunderstands a question on the form, omits key information from a record, or misunderstands specific instructions regarding form completion. The term misrepresentation implies a scenario where a person deliberately hides or alters any specific information. But, this cannot be the case always. In some instances, it can be accidental as well as preventable. But, it would help if you took care of it well in advance; otherwise, your application will be refused by the IRCC out rightly, and in some cases, you may be banned for up to 2 years from reapplying. Medical Conditions As a primary applicant for a Canada PR visa, you and your dependents (if any) must undergo a medical examination done by an IRCC (Immigration, Refugee, Citizenship Canada) recognized doctor. In case of certain health conditions, you may face refusals, like Diabetes or Hepatitis A. However, there are ways through which you may overcome the inadmissibility to Canada on health grounds. For instance, you may produce a report from a specialist about your health condition that can help you avoid further examinations, application refusal or delay in processing. Criminal Background A criminal background check is a must in each country you reside in for more than six months from the day you turn 18 years. It is a mandatory requirement because Canada wants to make sure that you, as a newcomer, will not impose any security threat to the health and safety of its residents and citizens. If you prove that there was no charge or conviction on you in the past, then IRCC will process your application as per the standard protocol and timeline. You may be inadmissible to Canada on criminal grounds as a foreign national. In addition, any past conviction on you can cause your application to be rejected. Missed deadlines The Immigration, Refugee, Citizenship Canada (IRCC) ensures that the entire immigration process is fair. Thus, deadlines are also imposed on the applicants to submit documents and specific forms. If you miss out on any of these deadlines, it may result in application refusal. Therefore, you need to know the right time to obtain the required documents and complete specific forms beforehand. But, trust us, it is possible to get things done as per the deadline. All you need is to be prepared and organised to kick-start the immigration process on time and avoid application refusal. Reconsiderations There are certain cases where the IRCC consistently follows its own rules and protocols. However, a visa officer can commit any error or inconsistencies while assessing the applications. Sometimes they may misinterpret the rules and refuse your application on invalid grounds. Hiring a visa and immigration advisory servicecan help ease the problem in such situations. A registered consultant may help build a case file based on established models similar to most of the conditions faced by applicants who got their application refused. This will help you represent a better case for reconsideration or appeals.

Incomplete documentation

The IRCC provides a detailed documentation checklist to an applicant and a tracking number for application completion. You are responsible for gathering all those documents and submitting them on time with the tracking number. If you fail to submit complete documents, you may face application refusal.

Unclear about Eligibility Criteria

With more than 80 immigration programs, each Canadian immigration program has unique selection requirements. As a result, an applicant's eligibility for the chosen program is assessed based on factors like age, education level, occupation, language skills, work experience, etc. A lack of proper knowledge about the essential eligibility criteria for the chosen program might disqualify you. Sometimes an applicant gets their application refused because the IRCC finds that the applicant is not eligible for the immigration program under which they have applied. Thus, you must thoroughly review the application criteria against your profile details and undergo an online profile assessmentbefore applying for any immigration program. Detailed profile assessment is the best solution to avoid such instances.

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