Quebec in Canada Needs Huge number of Immigrants in view of Declining birth rate & Ageing Population

Quebec in Canada Needs Huge number of Immigrants in view of Declining birth rate & Ageing Population

Canada is a home to wonderful provinces and world class cities, known for their cultural diversity and rich infrastructure facilities. Quebec is one such province in Canada with largest land area, strong economy, and vast number of opportunities. However, the province at now is facing a few of the most serious and genuine issues, which are going to impact its growth, development and property in long term. Lets find out the challenges this incredible province facing at now and what are the steps being taken to counter them.

Quebec is facing the Issues of Declining birth rate and Ageing Population

The situation is really alarming for Quebec province in Canada, when it comes to declining birth rate and fast ageing population. As per the statistics bureau of the Quebec, the birth rate last year was 1.6 children a woman which was down 1 percent compared to the year before that, i.e. 2014. The prime reason for worry in this regard is that birth rate in the province is consistently declining over the last 6 years.

The other worrying factor for the provincial government is the fast ageing population of Quebec. As per a report, about 1.1 million people in the province are going to retire between 2013 & 2022.

Increase in Immigration is the need of the hour for the Province

This situation has really forced the government to reconsider the immigrations part and involvement in the growth and prosperity of the Quebec in coming years. The province need immigrants and need them across all its parts and not in one city or place. This has been another issue for the local government as immigrants are not uniformly spread across the province. This fact is revealed by statistics Canada in a recent report.

As per its report, the minority groups in Quebec will add about 31 percent to the population of Montreal city by 2031. However, it will be just about 5% in other parts across the province. So, this uneven distribution may separate the linguistic or the cultural patterns of the Montreal from other parts of Quebec. The increasing unemployment rate in Montreal compared to other parts of province and other associated factors are showing the affects of this uneven immigration across Quebec.

Provinces need more immigrants but need to integrate them evenly as well

As per the Demographer Marc Termote, the Quebec needs many more immigrants than it actually getting at now to fix the issues of labour shortage across all its parts. However, the province also needs to integrate immigrants evenly across all its parts and not just in one or two cities. The liberal government had plans to increase the Quebec Immigration to 60,000; however, after facing criticism, it had to rollback the decision. The debate is actually on about the balanced integration of the immigrants at first level across the province.

Whatever the decision may be taken in this regard, one thing is quite sure that Quebec needs immigrants and needs them in significant numbers to counter the labour shortage issues aroused across its various cities and territories in view of ageing population and falling birth rate.

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