Immigrating to New Zealand from India? Know about scam Calls for Visa Inquiry

Immigrating to New Zealand from India? Know about scam Calls for Visa Inquiry

New Zealand is a beautiful country to live. A huge number of immigrants from all parts of the world travel to New Zealand for work, study and business. However, there are a few countries which share a special connection with NZ due to vast migration here from these nations. For instance, Indian nationals visit New Zealand good numbers for work, study, business and tourism. Student especially like the calm, cool, clean and peaceful cities and environment of this incredible nation.

Although, the crime rate in NZ is relatively low as compared to other nations, however, still the newcomers coming to New Zealand need to be aware about fraudulent people, calls, e-mails, in view of recent incidents.

Indians in NZ need to be vigilant for scam calls

Visas Avenue, being a reliable and leading Visa Consultancy Services, understands its responsibility to make the immigrants aware about the ongoing visa frauds and scams across various countries. If you are visiting New Zealand from India, on work, study, business or visit visa, you must be alert and aware about the ongoing scam calls being received by various Indian Nationals.

As per Immigration New Zealand, Indian nationals, especially, are being targeted by these phone scam calls, as about 36 people have been tricked with such calls in last 2 years, causing fraud of close to $75000. During the last month only 3 people made a payment of around $4000 to these scam callers.

How Indian people are being tricked by scammers?

The Indian people in New Zealand are being called by fake callers, telling that there is certain issues with their Visa card or with the arrival card details, hence, they require paying some amount into Western Union Account. These fake callers threat the people that they will be deported, if they fail to comply with the instructions.

As per Immigration New Zealand, no such call is being made from their office at all. NZ further advise the people not to pay any amount believing such scam calls, instead, hang up the call and inform the police immediately about the same. As per ICA (Indian Central Association) president Mr. Harshad Patel, all the ICA members have already been informed to be alert for such scam calls.

Contact a reliable Visa Consultancy Services to remain informed about the latest immigration procedure & to avoid such Visa Scams

There are various aspects and internal things, which needs clear understanding before you actually submit a visa application under a particular category. You must have the proper guidance and assistance regarding the submitting a visa application, submitting the same, and about the post landing facilities, etc. You also need to be aware about the various visa scammers that often target the newcomers, before you actually immigrate to a any country.

You may contact the Immigration Expert at Visas Avenue or can fill the free assessment form available on its website to get the vital help and assistance regarding filing a visa application under the most suitable category and getting a guaranteed approval well within time. We also help our clients about post-landing facilities and things to avoid after entering in a particular nation.

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