Immigrating to Canada on Working Visa? Know about the Regular Benefits for Unemployment Security

Immigrating to Canada on Working Visa? Know about the Regular Benefits for Unemployment Security

Are you looking to work in Canada, however, hesitant to apply for Canadian Work Visa, in view of unemployment or survival fear? Well, you are not alone if you think that way, as there are thousands of individuals, who surrender their desire of working in Canada, due to the fear of unemployment in a new country. However, a little guidance and help can do wonders to boost your confidence and get you going for your ambition.

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Although, its, still remain a fact that you need to make efforts to get work in Canada, however, you dont need to be nervous or low in confidence thinking about the same. The Canadian government has launched various programs to support the new immigrants settle in the country, including the provision of allowance for the ones who are in search of employment here in Canada. Lets know more about these programs to help you come out of the shell of fear and uncertainty about your career and settlement in Canada.


Employment Insurance (EI) Regular Benefits

The EI (Employment Insurance) in Canada is basically a program that provides the financial support to the people, who have a SIN (Social Insurance Number) and are officially and lawfully permitted to work and stay in the country, till the time they are getting such support. One of the benefits, EI provides to the individuals is EI Regular benefits. This benefit is being provided to the people who have either lost their job due to the reasons for which they are not responsible, i.e. seasonal work or shortage of employment etc. or the ones who are thoroughly competent for daily job, however, not able to find the same.

Eligibility Conditions

You can get the EI regular benefits provided,

  • You have lost your job due to the reason for which you are not responsible
  • You are in an insurable job
  • You are not getting any work or pay for continuously 7 days in last 52 weeks.
  • You are prepared and capable of doing a work every day
  • You have been keenly searching a job (need to present the records of the interviews or interactions you had with employers during the period of unemployment)
  • You have already been at work for the requisite insurable hours in the past 52 weeks or since the commencement of your previous EI claim, whichever is lesser

The Employment and Training Initiatives

In order to support the unemployed or underemployed people, the Employment and Social Development Canada supports various Employment Programs. It also includes the people facing hurdles to work or job.

Moreover, the Canadian Government also provides funding to the provinces and territories for various employment and skills training programs via Labour Market Development Agreements.

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There are various aspects and internal things, which needs clear understanding before you actually submit Expression of Interest (EOI) in any of the immigration programs or apply for the Canadian Visa under a particular category on receipt of the invitation. In such a scenario, help and assistance from a reliable Visa Consultancy Services can prove immensely vital in understanding the complex immigration procedure and also to know about the post landing services, i.e. Federal benefits & Services, housing and accommodation, jobs, community services, etc.

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