Immigrating to Canada? Key Things You Must Know About Renting a House

Immigrating to Canada? Key Things You Must Know About Renting a House

Canada is known for having an excellent immigration system for the migrants. This is in view of a huge migration every year in the country. It also offers the perfect setup for the immigrants across its various provinces, in terms of Cost of Living, Housing, Healthcare and education etc. The housing and accommodations are the primary thing for any new immigrant as its the first thing he would inquire after arriving in any country. The new immigrants look for renting a house, when he/she first reaches Canada. Canada provides a variety of housing options to the new immigrants to buy as well as renting a house or property. If you are also planning to move to Canada, we shall update you about the various renting options across Canada.

How to Search a house for renting

You may try one of the following methods in Canada to find a place to rent.

  • Tell your colleagues, relatives, friends that you are looking for a house to rent
  • You can even opt for a rental agency, which often finds a home for you and charge a nominal amount for the same
  • Visit around your locality to search for any For Rent sign boards on buildings, blocks, houses etc.
  • Check the online websites for advertisements regarding the same or can explore a few rental agency websites
  • You can visit your nearest Immigration Serving Organization for the help regarding the same
  • Check the newspaper classified advertisements

Get ready with your checklist

It is advisable to get ready a checklist before you visit any landlord for renting a house. You might be asked for a reference (i.e. A Canadian employer or previous landlord generally) by the landlord in order to verify your entitlement of becoming a nice tenant. You may also face questions regarding your credit history, employer, or income, etc. However, if you face any difficulty in renting a house due to any of such inquiries, you may always get in touch with an Immigrant serving organization to get help regarding the same.

Shifting and lease formalities

When you have finalized a place to rent both parties, i.e. you and your landlord would require signing a lease. Its basically a rental agreement that has the conditions, both parties have agreed upon. It will have the conditions regarding the notice period for moving out, increasing of rent and other such things. You must read and understand it carefully to avoid future complications in this regard; its being a legal document. Ask any friend, relative, lawyer, or colleague or any other knowledgeable person to come along with you while signing a lease agreement.

It is better to get as much as information you can while you are in your home country, before moving to Canada. It is also advisable to take services of any experienced and reliable Immigration Consultancy. The Immigration Consultancies, generally help you in Visa Procedure, however, most often they also assist you in post landing complication and facilities, in a new country.

A support or guidance is always handy for the Immigration Procedure complexities

The immigration procedures have become more technical and tricky these days. Hence, a support or guidance from a reliable Immigration Consultancy Service is certainly advisable. A Visa Consultancy Service not only helps you finding legal yet hassle free immigration methods, but also assist you with the post landing benefits, issues and help system in a new country.

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