Immigrating to Canada? Find a brief Overview of Land, Climate & Conditions before you Leave

Immigrating to Canada? Find a brief Overview of Land, Climate & Conditions before you Leave

Canada is a wonderful country with an advanced economy, huge land area, and outstanding infrastructure. It has got all the ingredients to be the most favorite and top country of the world. This is the reason that every year, thousands of people travel to Canada with different ambitions and reasons, i.e. work, study, business, and leisure. If you are also planning to immigrate to this incredible nation, we shall update you about the key feature of Canada, with regard to its land, climate, and conditions.


The Land Area of Canada

Canada is the second largest country in the world by area. Hence, you are promised to get the several wide open spaces, national parks, reserves, greenery, and landscape beauty. Canada has ocean on three sides of its borders, i.e. the Atlantic Ocean in the East, the Pacific in the West and Arctic in the north. Canada also shares the border with USA in the northwest and in the south as well.

Canada is a home to diversified landscape beauty, i.e. various forests, high hills, lush green grasslands, the arctic tundra with frozen ground, and several lakes and rivers.

The Canadian Climate and Weather

The Canada enjoys four diverse seasons, i.e. spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

  • Summer Season: Summer is on from the month of June to September and the summer days keep getting hot as the season proceeds. In summers, the temperature in the daytime ranges between 20 degrees to 30 degrees Celsius or even more than that. It can be quite humid in the southern Ontario and Quebec provinces.
  • Spring and autumn: The spring and autumn in Canada are the changeover seasons. Hence, it converts the weather to become warmer or colder with the heavy rain.
  • Winter: Winter as usual is very cold in most of the Canada, as the temperature most often goes below zero degrees Celsius. The snowfall is common in the months, December to April, which covers the grounds everywhere, except the British Columbia in Southwest, as the rain is more seen in this region in winters than snow.

If you are immigrating to Canada from the relatively warmer place, you may get amazed to experience the snowfall and cold in the first winter. Hence, get prepared for the same and purchase the boots, hat, winter coat, and gloves and other warm clothes to face and enjoy the splendor and uniqueness of Canadian Winter.

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