Immigrate to Nova Scotia in Canada through hassle free & fast Express Entry System

Immigrate to Nova Scotia in Canada through hassle free & fast Express Entry System

Nova Scotia is one of the most beautiful and migrant friendly province of Canada. The province of Nova Scotia is surrounded by some of the most beautiful landscape sceneries. It is also a home to wonderful, vibrant, and world class cities with excellent infrastructure facilities. All these factors make it an ideal place to live along with family. The life here in Nova Scotia, is calm, cool, and peaceful, where people believe in maintaining a perfect balance between work and life. Lets find out as to how you can move to this incredible province of Canada through latest and fast Express Entry System designed by CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada)

Immigrate to Nova Scotia through Express Entry System

The office of Immigration in Nova Scotia has the right to nominate the candidates for the Express Entry Stream for Nova Scotia, i.e. Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry Stream, which in fact is a pilot project.

What is Nova Scotia Demand for Express Entry?

Express Entry system of CIC has the specific stream designed for selecting candidates for Nova Scotia Immigration

Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry

The Express Entry chooses the highly qualified and experienced candidates who are willing to settle in the Nova Scotia Province on permanent basis. Such candidates either have a job offer from a Nova Scotian employer or his/her posses the skills and ability to suit the labour market of Nova Scotia.

The Immigration Office of Nova Scotia has the right to only nominate the applicants for specific jobs and professions, based on the labour market requirements and economic needs of Nova Scotia.

List of Express Entry Draws Canada 2015-16

Eligibility Parameter for key Applicant

The Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry stream has two main categories:

Category 1: Planned or arranged job in Nova Scoti

An Applicant has a permanent full-time job offer (in NOC 2011 Skill Type 0, Skill Level A or B) from a employer in Nova Scotia. The job offer need to fulfill the arranged employment requisites mentioned in the relevant Nova Scotia Nomination Program guide.

Category 2: Paid Work Experience in an Opportunity Occupation

An applicant needs to have minimum 1 year of constant full-time (or at least 1,560 hours or further) or an equivalent amount in part-time paid work experience in the previous 5 years any of the opportunity occupations mentioned in Appendix 1.

If the candidate is assured of meeting the eligibility parameters in any of the two above mentioned categories, he/she also would require fulfilling all minimum requisites for the Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry stream, acquire adequate points as per the selection criteria, and fulfill the Minimum money or funds requirement.

How to trigger the process to apply for Permanent Residency in Nova Scotia, Canada?

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