IELTS Vs PTE Which is Easy for Immigration?

IELTS Vs PTE Which is Easy for Immigration?

The IELTS and PTE are the two widely popular and accepted language tests worldwide for immigration purposes. These tests are designed to help you prove your English language ability to work, study or immigrate to a nation whose native language is English. While choosing a language test for immigration, people often compare the two, which leads to an IELTS vs PTEdebate. As a prospective student or aspiring immigrant prepping up an immigration application, you must understand the difference between IELTS and PTE language testing systems. Lets read more about both testing options to help you make an informed choice.

IELTS- International English Language Testing System

IELTS is recognized by over 11,000 educational institutions and organizations worldwide. There are two categories of tests under IELTS, including General Training and Academic. IDP Education manages IELTS Academic, Cambridge Assessment English and the British Council. Over 400 Canadian universities and colleges accept IELTS Academic tests and are generally administered in approximately 140 countries. While, IELTS General Training is required for immigration to Canada, Australia, the UK, and New Zealand. IRCC accepts both paper-based and computer-delivered Academic and General Training tests. For paper-based tests, you generally get the results after 13 days, and for computer-based tests, the time is within 5-7 days. In this PTE vs IELTSdebate, this is the main difference. IELTS offers you a choice between a computer-delivered or paper-based exam. At the same time, PTE is an entirely computer-based test. For instance, during the IELTS speaking section, you have a face to face interaction with the examiner, whereas for PTE speaking section, you talk to the system. Moreover, in the testing time of the Pandemic, the partners have also introduced an IELTS Indicator. It was a temporary measure that helped international students to complete their tests online from their homes. Both IELTS Academic and General Training can only be completed at an IELTS centre, i.e. in-person and the only English tests that IRCC approves for international students who wish to fast-track their student visa applications. Under Student Direct Stream, residents of India, China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Morocco, Senegal and Pakistan may get their study permit application processed within 20 days if they obtain a minimum of 6.0 on each skill, i.e. reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Pearson Test of English (PTE)

The Pearson Test of English is accepted by 90% of universities and colleges in countries like Canada and Australiaand is generally available in more than 50 countries. Moreover, you can also get the results within two days. Surprisingly, PTE also provides Versant test online during Pandemic to help international students get assessed at home. Surprisingly, you get the results immediately upon test completion.

Here is a IELTS and PTE score comparison:

Expert 9 89-90
Very good 8.5 83-85
Very good 8 74-84
Good 7.5 73-77
Good 7 64-72
Competent 6.5 58-63
Competent 6 50-57
Modest 5.5 42-49
Modest 5 35-41
Limited 4.5 30-34
Extremely limited 0.4 0-30

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