How to know my Canada immigration application status online?

How to know my Canada immigration application status online?

Canada is the prime immigration destination in 21st century. Especially, with stricter immigration rules in USA, UK, etc. country has made Canada and obvious choice for immigration. Moreover, Canadas facilities, infrastructure and flexible immigration procedure also attract the tens of thousands of immigrants every year. The applicants applying for visa in Canada often remain curious about knowing the status of their application, so that they can get ready for the next step well in advance. But, how the applicants usually confirm their visa application status? Lets find out the same. How to confirm Canada immigration application statusWell, you can check you application status online based on the mode of application, i.e.

  • Online application: You can check the status of your online application through a simple method. Just sign in to your online account. Now click on the tab: View my Submitted applications or profiles.You will be able to view the messages or status received from IRCC n your account.

However, if you havent applied online, you can still check the status of your application online through the following ways:

  • Check application tool: You may also use the Check application status tool being provided to Canada immigration applicants by IRCC. This tool is available on IRCC website and being updated on daily basis. You need to enter key details about your application and instant result will be displayed with regards to the current status of your application.
  • Create online account: You can also check the status of your application by creating an online account and linking the same to your visa application. Creating an online account is useful in multiple ways. In the online account, you can receive communication from IRCC with regards to your application status as well as a message about any further document required by IRCC. However, this way of checking may not be applicable to all types of visa applications.
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