How to Improve Express Entry CRS Score?

How to Improve Express Entry CRS Score?

Are you willing to immigrate to Canada? But clueless about dealing with the complexities involved in the immigration process and still figuring out how to boost your chances by improving your CRS score? This blog can give a better insight to prospective Canadian immigrants by discussing how an applicant can maximize their Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score and boost their ranking in the Express Entry pool. Let's start with talking about the Express Entry System, which was introduced in 2015 to electronically manage applications for three key economic immigration programs of Canada:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Class (FSWC)
  • Federal Skilled Trades Class (FSTC)
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

Under Express Entry, the IRCC selects candidates from a pool based on their ranking score, using CRS, i.e. Comprehensive Ranking System. Under CRS, candidates get points based on their age, language ability in English and French, level of education, etc. Candidates also get additional points if they have a qualification certificate in trade, i.e. province-recognized. There are 1,200 points available, out of which 600 can be awarded for a provincial nomination or job offer, etc. From the remaining 600, up to 500 points are available for core human capital factors, and 100 points are for skills transferability.

Improving CRS Score

There are different ways in which an applicant in the Canada Express Entry pool can improve their ranking. Even a slight change in a key factor like improving English or French language ability from intermediate to initial advanced level can make a huge difference. An applicant can take many potential improvement steps: Language Language is a crucial factor. Therefore, fluent English or French speakers have better chances. At the same time, candidates who have a possibility for improvement can consider retaking a test. Any improvement in all four abilities, i.e. speaking, writing, reading, and listening, can bring a vast improvement in the overall CRS ranking score. While for a candidate reaching to initial advanced level, Canadian Language Benchmark 9 can be a considerable achievement. With this, they may get the threshold in the combination factors and score 100 points, in addition to the language factor points received for their right. If you are a bilingual candidate, you should take language tests for English and French. By doing this, you can claim up to 50 points on the table. Provincial Nominee Program Here, we'll talk about additional 600 points, which a candidate can obtain with a provincial nomination that guarantees an ITA in an upcoming draw and open a straight path towards permanent residence. To achieve this, it is imperative to display complete education and work records, stay up to date with the latest immigration news, and have all relevant documents ready and evaluated to apply promptly. PNP categories generally open and close quickly, sometimes within days or even hours. Education Education is considered a highly valued factor under the Comprehensive Ranking System. If a candidate enters the pool without an ECA report, they have to wait for a long time. However, they can increase their score by getting their education level(s) evaluated. By doing this, they can score up to 200 points, i.e. 150 for core human capital and additional 50 points in combination with Canadian work experience or language ability. With a bachelor's degree getting assessed, they can score up to 170 points. So, an educated CEC candidate with no ECA in the pool should get an ECA as soon as possible. Furthermore, suppose a candidate completes an additional level of education in terms of a degree, diploma or certificate that is assessed. In that case, that can also prove to be beneficial in improving their ranking under the CRS. A Final Note for all If I were to offer a one piece of advice to all the candidates under Express Entry program, it would be to stay aware, informed, and guided by a team of experts in Canadian immigration. With a team of advisors at Visas Avenue, you can explore all the options. You can work in detail on improving your CRS score by taking calculated steps using our Canada CRS score calculator. You can re-appear for language tests with professional language coaching, get your profile evaluated and more with the assistance of our proficient consultants. Trust me! Getting a deep insight into the entire Canada PR process and hand-in-hand support throughout time is in itself a booster and motivates you to perform better at every stage.