How to get PR in Canada through the province of Saskatchewan?

How to get PR in Canada through the province of Saskatchewan?
The Canadian PR is hot choice among individuals and families looking for immigration. The people across the world, interested in immigration look out for the different ways to get the PR in Canada. If you are one among the aspirants, the Express Entry must be your first choice like thousand others. Well, if you want to explore a bit more, there are options apart from EE as well, which can get you the Canadian Permanent Residency (PR). Click the Free Assessment form here for inclusive Canada Immigration Process Assistance

Why a PNP is the best way to get the PR in Canada?

The PNPs (Provincial Nominee Programs) can be an excellent choice for you to immigrate to Canada through a particular province. The Provincial Nomine Programs, not only offer you nominee certificate to ensure your PR, but their process requirements are also flexible most of the time as compared to the federal programs. Lets discuss one of the best PNPs being offered by the Saskatchewan province in Canada to provide PR, i.e. SINP (Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program).

How can you get PR in Canada through province of Saskatchewan?

The Saskatchewan runs its PNP program to invite the overseas individuals interested in settlement in Saskatchewan. It nominates the candidates selected through its SINP program to the federal government, so that they can get the PR in Saskatchewan, Canada. The Saskatchewan through its SINP (Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program) offers the permanent residency under three key streams:

  • International Skilled Worker Category: This particular category has been designed for the overseas skilled workers, who wish to live and work in the province of Saskatchewan.
  • Saskatchewan Experience Category: Itis for the individuals from overseas, who are presently working in Saskatchewan.
  • Entrepreneur and Farm Category: This category is for the individuals who are willing to invest and actively control a business or farm operation in Saskatchewan.

What are the Benefits of applying in SINP for Canadian PR

If you are applying in the SINP program to get permanent residency in Saskatchewan, Canada, you can get the following benefits:

  • Permanent residency in one of the top Canadian Province
  • Faster application processing time compared to other programs
  • Uncomplicated process requirements with complete provincial support.
  • The nominations will be offered for PR through three different categories/streams

The SINP is the crucial method or process for getting the PR in Canada; however, you also need to apply to IRCC (Immigration Refugee Citizenship Canada) for permanent residency with the nomination letter.

How to get PR through SINP- International Skilled Worker Category?

Its the most popular SINP category among the foreign skilled workers looking to get PR in Saskatchewan. Its for the candidates who have got the job offer from Saskatchewan employer in the skilled occupation and who fulfill the parameters of this particular category. Below are the key eligibility conditions.

Eligibility Conditions for SINP- ISW Category

  • Need to score 60 points on the SINP point assessment
  • Language score needed CLB -4 (the regulatory authorities or employers can ask for the higher langue score than CLB 4)
  • One year work experience in last 10 years in the selected occupation
  • If your chosen occupation is in a regulated profession, you would require showing proof of eligibility along with the application for SINP
  • Need to get an offer of employment (fulltime) from a Saskatchewan employer. Require showing a job approval letter for SINP. The offer must e in NOC level A/B/0 or Saskatchewan designated trade.

How to apply in SINP to get the PR in Saskatchewan?

The Saskatchewan gets the number of nomination for every year from the federal government of Canada and the SINP accordingly decides the application intake threshold for the year. To apply in SINP, you are advised to get your file prepared in coordination with the Canadian immigration expert at Visas Avenue. The expert at Visas Avenue will not only help you get your file ready for the SINP, but also support you in applying in the program online and follow the instructions accurately.

You may call the visa and immigration expert at the contact nos. 011-48447777/ 080-46668222 to fix the free appointment and discuss your immigration plans and visa category. You may also send your queries in this regard to The Visas Avenue is the top Immigration Consultancy Service for Canada in India.