How to Get a Job in Australia from India in 2022

How to Get a Job in Australia from India in 2022

With high living standards, beautiful surroundings, and a strong job market, Australia is undoubtedly one of the main targets for all job-seekers worldwide. With an approximately 25 million population, Australia's unemployment rate is as low as 5%. Moreover, the nation is known for offering one of the highest graduate wages in the world. It is not a bad idea to seek a job in Australia with all this and more. Applying for a job in Australia can be pretty exciting yet tiresome if you are unaware of the proper process and procedure. There are three different ways to secure a job in Australia from India and work with talented professionals from other nations, cultures, backgrounds, and more. In this article, we'll discuss the most straightforward way to get a job in Australia, i.e., applying for an Australian PR visa, which allows you to live and work anywhere in Australia.

Get your Permanent Residence Visa

Find your eligibility for a point-tested Skilled Visa Subclass:The most popular visa subclasses via which you can apply for an Australian PR are managed under GSM System, i.e., the General Skilled Migration system.

  • Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189: It is a Permanent visa; there is no need for sponsorship by a family member or a nomination by a state/territory government.
  • Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190: It is also a permanent visa type and requires you to have a nomination by any State or Territory government of Australia or sponsorship from a relative living in regional Australia as a permanent resident or citizen.

Complete your EOI through SkillSelect: By creating your EOI or Expression of Interest profile, you can get the attention of the Australian government and employers, who may go through your visa application and have a glance at your profile. If an employer or government agency finds your skills, education and abilities appropriate, then they may nominate you for a work visa of your choice. Meet the health and English language criteria: Before applying for a work visa, you must undergo a medical examination and provide the report. Similarly, you must demonstrate your English language proficiency. For this, you may take up English language coaching from a reputed consultancy firm in India and improve your overall score. Verify your educational qualifications: You must prove that your academic documents are at par with the Australian standards. For this, you have to undergo a qualification assessment done by a relevant professional body. If your qualifications are equivalent to Australian standards, your chances of applying and getting a job in Australiabecome much more accessible.

Apply for an Australian PR visa and grab the best job in Australia in 2022

You can maximize the chances of a visa grant by hiring a team of MARA registered consultants. As mentioned, General Skilled Migration (GSM) is one of the most popular Australian immigration programs. At Visas Avenue, we guide you throughout the Australian skilled immigration process, which in turn can help you move to Australia without much hassle. We help our clients with profile assessment and creation, documentation gathering, skill assessment, letter drafting and more. To get in touch with our team of expert visa and migration consultants, you may reach us on Toll-Free No. 78-18-000-777 or drop us an email at